Room lighting activator not working as expected

Not sure if you saw my previous post, I think it includes all the info you requested. Thanks!

Yes, but I think @JB10 's suggestion to look at the type for the activator (I assume the driver) is the thing to look into.

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It was the same behavior using either the dimmer or switch activator

Is the setup pictured in post #19 the current way you have it set up?

If so, there are no actions or settings set up for Corner Lamp or LED Lamp, but perhaps that's intentional for Activator-status tracking reasons?

My approach to Room Lighting setups is to simplify the little details as much as possible... Similar to JB10's suggestion of identifying the Activator device in the most basic/simple way possible (e.g. switch instead of bulb when possible etc), I do that same thing with each device's "Type" designation in the table (which you can click on to change)...

If it's a color bulb, but all I'm doing is turning it on/off, then I make it a Switch. If I just need dimming but not CT/RGB, I make it just a Dimmer. Etc etc.


I have had this same exact issue for months now and it drives me crazy. It just seems that if you turn on a Room Lighting activator, it should stay on unless one of the lights or devices no longer matches what is in the Room Lighting settings.

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I feel like this must be a bug, if everything is set per table then the activator should be "on"