Roller Shutter: Shelly 2.5 or Fibaro Rollo 3?

Coming from Domoticz I feel completely and utterly overwhelmed by the Hubitat system but I am determined not to give up...

My main reason to have bought the Hubitat C7 are the good reviews and this great community... It seems to be also an utterly AMAZING system!

:arrow_forward: To the point:
I have spent (read wasted) a lot of money choosing the wrong system in the past so I want to ask the community which Roller Shutter device I should buy: Shelly 2,5 or Fibaro Rollo 3?

They should drive excisting 4 wire roller shutter motors and preferably be able to set a certain position.

Which of the 2 will give me the best and most reliable solution? Reading a lot of info on this forum, I am still undecided...

Thank you!

If you want to use z-wave then Qubino as it's supported.

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Thank you for your reply!

I discarded Qubino as option because it does not report the position and I guess then I cannot SET the roller shutter to a certain position?

Yes and it does power reporting too.

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I am using Fibaro FGR-223 (15 units) for two and a half years now with no issues. Recommended.
You will have to use a community driver. You can set positions and it is very reliable.

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Thank you! Very reassuring to know this.

May I ask, is it possible to mount two FGR-223 modules next to each other or need there be a certain distance between them?

No need to separate them.

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Yes Qubino works fine. It does report position once it stops rather than in real time. Set position works fine.

When you send the shutter/curtain to position 50 from open for instance, it'll move immediately but the position state will remain at 99 until the motor stops, at which point the state will update to 50. I queried that with Qubino tech support, as the Fibaro Shutter 3 reported continuously whilst still in motion. The response was, that the continuous reporting of position whilst in motion, was considered to be unsolicited messaging/spamming and not permitted by the Z Wave standard. The Fibaro Shutter 3 driver I was using is a non official community driver and so wasn't 'playing by the rules'

The Qubino Flush Shutter modules have been great (I've had 5 running my curtains since May 2021 without a glitch), whereas I couldn't get the Fibaro Shutter 3's to complete calibration successfully with my curtain motors (Dooya 52S)...although I have one working fine with my garage roller door tubular motor.


Many thanks to all who replied! I could get the Fibaro Rollo 3 more easily here so I first bought 1 to try it out. I'm glad to know that there are at least 2 good solutions because that was the main reason for me to buy the Hubitat.


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