Qubino Flush Shutter - No Real Time Position Reports? Does a curtain module exist that works (correctly)?

More curtain automation woes for me. Driving me nuts. The story so far....

  • Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 with the community driver works exactly as required with my garage roller door. However it will not work with my curtain motors (Dooya) It will not calibrate regardless of power settings etc and therefore won't report it's position (254)

  • Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 replaced with Fibaro Roller Shutter 2. These will work with the Dooya curtain motors, calibrating correctly without the need to adjust any settings. However they are not Z Wave Plus and there is no driver available that gets the position reporting to work correctly. Instead I have to have a rule to refresh the status of the modules every x minutes. This is not ideal and causes with Alexa "something went wrong"/"lounge curtain is not responding" even when the module has responded correctly to the command.

  • Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 replaced with Qubino Flush Shutter. Qubino works ok and calibrates correctly (although sometimes for reasons unknown the relay clicks and the motor immediately cuts out without moving) Status reporting however doesn't work correctly. Although the position updates, it does not update until the motor has stopped - so on the device page or dash tile it shows 99 (fully open) and stays at 99 while closing until fully closed. Once the motor stops it finally updates to level 0. Surely it should update in real time during movement (as Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 does) I have the same issues with Alexa - "something went wrong"/"x is not responding" and I'm assuming this is caused by the delayed position reporting. Not particularly slick.

Is there a way to sort this or should I just accept defeat. I can't code, I'm completely reliant on the community/manufacturers and would love a system to just work.

I had exactly same problem with Fibaro 2 and used refresh/polling in desired frequency. I didnt like this and decided to use Shelly 2.5 wifi module in roller shutter mode and it works perfectly. You just need to put refresh link directly to shelly module call url once shutter stops.

I'm sick of changing modules to be honest - I'm spending too much money. Just need it to do what it's supposed to do with the driver that Hubitat have provided

Then you need to play with workarounds or stick with different hub (e.g. Homey), but it wont be less expensive.
Btw, shelly modules are pretty cheap in terms of price.

Update - I've just raised a ticket with Qubino with regard to the position of Flush Shutter not updating in real time. It would be helpful to know whether the issue is the device itself or the Hubitat built in driver at fault.

Did you ever hear anything back?

@ckronengold Yes I did. Unfortunately I don’t have the original e mail from them to post here. The gist of it was that repeated position reporting from the module (while shade/curtain was moving) was not supported, as those reports would be classed as unsolicited communications which are not permitted by the Z Wave Standard. I guess only a community written driver would support it (like the community written Fibaro Roller Shutter 3 driver) as they could ignore the rules regarding those repeated messages. Within Qubinos response they did paste the relevant snippets from the Z Wave standard to support their response.

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