Roku is joining the smart home game, discuss

Curious if these could be made to work. I moved to fire tv for side loading ability but this is an interesting development.

Their devices look remarkably like Wyze's offerings; I suspect they'll be as open or closed as Wyze's products are.

This is hilarious…

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I agree look at the prices.

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Just got this email, you know what would be even funnier would be if they were repackaging Phillip Hue products with a markup. :joy:

Joking aside, they are in need of revenue sources and since they have brand recognition why not?

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It's not surprising. Both are low-cost down-market consumer products: Cheap and easy to use,but hit or miss quality, non-existent customer service and incompatible to 3rd party devices. Wyze being the worst offender of the lot.

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No motion or contact sensors...yechhhh.

"In a world where you don't mind having do everything yourself instead of actually automating it..." :wink:


They could be using the voice remote of their Roku devices and TV's. Lets see how this plays out. I have Roku's on all my TV and it would be interesting to see how they compete.

Agreed. It seems as if the vendors are marketing "remote control" as "smart." If it doesn't have a hub with automation capabilities, then it's nothing more than a potential voice assistant with buttons IMHO. I am betting you still need the remote in hand to wake the voice recognition, which is a step below even Google/Nest. This is the opposite of smart.....


Yup yup yup ...


LonTV published a quick look in his last video, I bookmarked it in the link below:

since they after years still have no way to turn off the damn wifi spamming your network on their devices that are connected via rj45 cable i would not have much faith in them for anything else..

for this reason i am slowly replacing all my rokus with shields.

Be careful...I have been running Shields for years, have three in place currently, and some things have become a hot mess for me. Mostly things like apps crashing/locking up, not playing a show when selected - endless spinning progress bar (AppleTV and HBO are the biggest offenders).

Things can also go south if you let the TV sit and it goes into screen saver mode - then the current show may not be able to start playing again.

For years they were just perfect, not so much these days. I have two Shield TV 4K "flat" versions, one of the newer round/cylindrical ones. Also have a backup unit (ShieldTV Pro) that I may set up to see if it's any better. I'm just not happy w/it like I used to be.

weird having no issues with hbo, but mine is plugged in over moca and hard wired

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Mine is on ethernet, so it's not a connectivity issue, and in general my problems appear to be more app-specific as I noted.

I haven't tracked if the screen-saver issue affects all apps...but I have found people complaining about it when I searched a little while back. The recommendation (aside form clearing cache, etc.) was to set screen saver time-out to a longer period. So not really a fix, just a hope to avoid the problem.

I'd like to do a factory reset and start all over but I'm just not looking foward to having to set everything up again...

Glad yours are working well.

setting up just the wifi is all that is needed if you have your google account it downloads all the apps again.. i guess you will have to log into each app again. though

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LOL - yeah, that's some of the main the pain. Also have to re-organize my app icon locations, etc. Some of them still require manual logging in via TV keyboard controlled by directional control wheel on the remote. Aiieeeeeeee!! (First-world problem are always the worst.)

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you think thats bad i tried the new amazon fire tv 4k .. what a pos.. it immediately went back..
like an hour to download each of the apps..

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