RND variable math modified to allow to a specific decimal place

A feature request maybe?
I wrote a rule to store temp values from various devices with 1, 2 and 3 decimal places to variables. Then using Variables math I added them up and divided by my variable quantity. Call it a poor mans Average Plus app :slight_smile:

When I went to use the Variable math RND function, I had expected it to ask what decimal place I was rnd'ing too. However it rnd'ed me to a whole number. I was hoping to rnd to a 10th. so 74.123 degrees would be 74.1. The result I got was simply 74 . Luckily, the tile I am displaying the value into allowed me to set the decimal place.

You can do this with a combination of round (which is always an integer, as you've discovered) and variable math. See here for a recent discussion on how:


What do you use such precise temperature measurements for?

My wife can detect temperature variations that small from what she desires as the house temperature.

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