RM4.1: Cancel Delayed Actions/Stop Repeating Actions no longer work

I updated to RM4.1 yesterday and since updating I have found that Cancel Delayed Actions/Stop Repeating Actions has stopped working for this particular rule. It may be the same for others but I have noticed it first for this rule.

Here is the rule.


When the variable goes TRUE it sets up the schedules as per the rule.
Here are the logs for the variable going TRUE.


Here are the logs for the variable changing to FALSE. As you can see there is no cancellation of the stop repeating and cancel actions.


Any thoughts @bravenel?

EDIT: Ignore the fact stop repeating actions is in there twice. I put it in while trying to get it to work.

There is nothing to see in your second set of logs that shows anything illuminating or demonstrating a failure.

If you really think this doesn't work, please create a simple test rule to demonstrate the failure, with logs actually showing the failure.

The problem is there is nothing in the logs following the info that the variable has changed to false. It just stops there. No more information is generated for the logs until it repeats again 5 minutes later.

As it used to work OK pre-update, I have made the assumption that it has got corrupt somehow and have just re-written it.
It now works OK. One of those things I suppose.
All's well that ends well. :slight_smile: