RM Time Trigger not working

I setup a 1 minute refresh for an outlet, it scheduled for every hour, and then never actually runs. Bug or bad user?

Take a look at the app detail page for that trigger. At the bottom it will show Scheduled Jobs. Please show a screen shot of that.

I get this string: 11 1 * * * ? * from a trigger just like yours. For Cron, that means every hour at 1 minute 11 seconds after the hour. You can always verify your cron string here: Free Online Cron Expression Generator and Describer - FreeFormatter.com

My second pic didn't attach, sorry about that! So this is creating the cron job incorrectly then?

No, the cron job is correct. The one I created that is just like yours ran as it should at 9:01 MST, 13 minutes ago. Do you have Logs open? Each rule or trigger makes a log entry when it runs.

It only runs the first minute of each hour, but I want it to run every minute. So when it says "each of" it means per hour, not each minute?

Then use Repeat These Actions. Use something like this rule to get it started:

Condition: Private Boolean True
Rule: Private Boolean True
Action for True: Repeat these actions 1 minute, refresh device

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I'm going to put this capability back into RM periodic. It only works for number of seconds or minutes that is evenly divisible into 60.

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The feature of every n seconds or every n minutes is back in Periodic, for n evenly divisible into 60, in the new release: Hub Update 1.1.3

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