RM rules after firmware updates

I have noticed after some firmware updates (including this last one) that some rules do not fire again until after I go into the rule and then select done again. Then the rule starts working again.
This is unrelated to the the current TTS issue.
Appears to mainly involve presence (Life360,SmartThings arrival sensor)
To be clear I manually set the presence from present to departed and then back again to present and nothing happens.
But is I go back into RM rule and select done then it fires.
After that I can go back again and manually set the presence from present to departed and then back again to present and the rule fires fine.

Not sure if it is just presence that is affect but I do see some other (non presence) rules firing fine without having to go into them and selecting done again.

New info was added to the update announcement, some of the rules must be updated.

Edit, I'm wrong, it was simple lighting where I had to update

Not true. No rules need to be updated. If you open an existing rule, and see a Continue button, be sure to hit Continue.

Sorry, you are correct, it was simple lighting, I had to update 2, not sure why.

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I don't know what you are talking about. There is no need to update Simple Lighting rules either.

I had 2 SL rules that with a button, from Iris fob, will toggle group lights, the triggers disappeared in both rules.

I just re added triggers and it's fine now.

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yes i have seen the continue button in some rules but in some like this one tonight there was not, it simply was not firing.
I have not gone through all the presence sensors or rules. In the past i just chalked it up to a bug and went through all my rules (firing or not) one at a time and selected done to ensure they were working.
But there was no other indication or warning that they were not firing.

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Right after the update, I went into every rule and hit "Continue" then Done just in case. I figured with the new Continue / pause feature (much appreciated), it would be best practice to set the initial Boolean, even though I figured they would have no value = true. Only issue I have noticed so far is TTS on the rule side. With the amount of improvements made, I would call this a successful update! Don't worry guys, this is Hubitat. They will fix any issues very quickly.

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I had not opened or touched my TTS rules in any way, which are using Google Home Assistant for speech and VLC Thing to play a chime. My rule for TTS I'm testing with was and is speaking the name of a contact sensor opened. That was working with a pre-RM 2.5 rule and that called a private boolean to activate a door chime via VLC Thing (e.g. music player) in a RM 2.5 rule that was created prior to the 114 update.

Opening the Door Chime rule caused it to stop working. I deleted it and recreated it with the same settings, but that did not resolve the issue. Deleted the TTS rule that calls the door chime and recreated it as a RM 2.5 rule. TTS continues to work, but music player would not play my chime.

Are you by chance using a private boolean to trigger the music player? I tested trigging my door chime rule via a button, and it works. When I set it back to trigger via private boolean, as was configured prior to opening and viewing my door chime rule, it again does not function.

So perhaps private boolean is actually what has the issue (or at least in my case)? More testing needed.

[Edit] Confirmed. If I set my first rule to push a button in order to trigger my Door Chime rule, it plays the chime via VLCThing without issue. So it appears we're actually dealing with an issue with private boolean, not music player.


This is the log from my rule that should also set the private boolean to true for my Door Chime rule. Should that not be showing in the logs?

app:15322018-09-18 09:23:12.659:infoSpeak Back Door Triggered

app:15322018-09-18 09:23:12.564:infoSpeak Back Door: Back Door Sensor contact open


It would show in the logs for Door Chime.

The bug with Private Boolean has been found, and fixed.

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Is this bug also affecting the running of custom commands in RM?

No, that's a separate issue,

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Hey Bruce, actually I had to update one rule, I have a rule in RM that closes my main water valve if any water sensor gets wet, it did not work today, I opened the rule, I did the continue and done, did not work, I had to go here:

The valve was there as the picture but when I clicked it then in the next step was nothing:

I choose the correct valve, saved, tested, all working fine, fortunately no flood, it was me doing tests with new sensors.

Some rules in SHM went null too, I deleted them.

The Lights - Porch Lights will only run at sunset and sunrise, correct? Resuming it has nothing to do with it evaluating its rule.

Pause only stops the rule from doing its thing. Resume simply removes that restriction.

If you want the rule to run, use Evaluate rule instead of Resume.

I was able to reproduce the problem by rebooting my hub through the settings menu
This time it was a simple announcement rule and completely separate humidity fan rule.
Went in to both rules selected done again and they fired fine again.
meanwhile other rules ran fine. I did not go through and test all my rules.

So it was not due to the firmware update but rebooting appears to be the cause.

I'm sorry, but what is the problem?

Some rules do not fire after rebooting the hub until I go back into the rule and select done. Others fire fine.
Initially I thought it was due to firmware upgrades but looks like it is simply happening after the hub does a reboot.

looked more into this and it looks like rule machine has gotten corrupted.
I can no longer create any new rules the page is just blank.
this is all I see.

I backed up my hub and removed Rule Machine from the "i" right in the apps list.
Then re-installed Rule Machine and I can create rules again and they appear to function as normal
I tried restoring the old backup but the problem came back.
Is there anyway to reload Rule Machine and not lose all my rules?