RM - Anybody write descriptive Rule Names and wish they could change a variable right in the name list?

I'm going to risk thinking out loud here....

Take the following hypothetical Rule name. Cryptic yet descriptive if it were your stuff. Do note the Italics and Bold type IS INDEED hypothetical because you can't do that in RM. But some of that might actually help in usability.

ON OUTLET - Outlet.Wall.Garage when Motion.Gate or Motion.Greenhouse temp<=(29) / OFF when either temp>=(33) and stays (30)min

What if... right in the list of Rules you could click on the numbers in parentheses and change them right there and then without opening up the Rule? Admittedly there are probably few rules where this would be that helpful to have...the above example is probably the least of such.


As an aside to this...and maybe more useful,

Recent work to clean up the Applications / Rules List has helped but there is still some opportunity to help group, order, and describe a Rule without having to be rigorous with naming. Maybe something along the lines of the ROOMS concept for Devices would be a nice thing to apply to Rules and letting one keep rules grouped together as they apply to managing the same things.... regardless of how they are named (in other words, thwarting the alphanumeric sorting).

And lo and behold...
You're right. Thanks.

So this is where I go...
"Hats off to the Community of Developers that lead the way in prototyping what should be built-in to Hubitat !"

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If we had easy access to all the list of all Apps like we do with RM I'd love to develop something like this... Basically a broader extension of the Rule Manager concept.


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