RM 4 help. Does not change

I am trying to write a rule that monitors for something not happening over a period of time. It’s a little bit of monitoring.

I can toggle a switch every day (let’s say). I want to get a push notification if it does not change. I’m honestly not sure where to start. Any help?

Could you say a little more about your use case? How is the rule going to be triggered? Is it triggered by the same switch that you want to be notified about?

Sure. Let see. I am trying to monitor for user non-compliance - outside of Hubitiat...piped in via IFTTT. I can get user actions to trigger something basic from IFTTT such as a virtual switch to confirm compliance. I can - and have written a rule to notify upon compliance (message through IFTTT). However, that is noisy and the real message gets lost in the noise. I really only want to know upon non-compliance. So no IFTTT message for over 24 hours.

Therefore the rule I want is to track to see if something like a switch is NOT toggled over 24 hours.

Ok, that kind of makes sense. I still don't see how the rule is going to be triggered, though. It can't really be triggered on the absence of action. You need something to actually occur.

So, what are you trying to check? That the button has been pressed within the last hour? And what do you want to happen if this doesn't happen? At the most basic level, this is very easy to do.

Trigger:  Switch on

Cancel delayed actions 
Delay actions by 60 minues (cancelable)
Do whatever you want to do

Every time the switch is turned on, the delay will be reset.

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Is it with the same 24 hour window. I.e. you want to make sure they have not complied between 8am today and 8am yesterday. Or is it that they have not complied for 24 hours, meaning their last compliance was more than 24 hours ago?

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Maybe check out Brian’s app Remote Wellness Check

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