RL has wrong light status

still a bit new with Room Light.

I have one RL to turn off all lights.
almost every time I trigger it, the RL status goes to "someOn"
when I look in details to find which one light didn't go off, it's often a different one.
tried to exclude the dimmer, factory reset dimmer, pair dimmer, re-add to RL. that seemed to worked well as it was always a different/new dimmer.

now im at the point where a dimmer I excluded, reset, included, is till showing as not off. like at any low random level, like 12%. but when I go check the dimmer physically, it's off. then I go into devices, click the dimmer and status is 12%. I hit refresh and now it shows off.

any idea?

dimmers are zooz zen72

Probably a Z-Wave mesh issue, not Room Lights. You can turn on Debug Logging in Room Lights to see the device responses to being commanded by RL. That might show you which one doesn't report reliably.

thanks Braveel for jumping in!

got a weird one that I thought I solved but came back.
turned all lights on in the house (calling different RL: basement, main floor and 2n floor)
then wait 5-10 seconds and call the house off (named dodo)
everything goes off then lights to the second floor goes on.

starts with this one
CDM-Escalier-D was set to 10
and I feel/think that trigger lights in RL-3w-Escalier2e to also go on. but that RL is configured to go on and off "physical only" so not sure why they go on too.

those 3 have been excluded, factory defaulted, paired and the RL got re-created yesterday.

dev:1052022-10-07 02:49:54.243 PMinfogroupState someOn

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:54.235 PMinfoRL-Dodo not Active

dev:1232022-10-07 02:49:54.233 PMinfogroupState someOn

dev:1232022-10-07 02:49:54.209 PMinfoDodo indicator off

app:2222022-10-07 02:49:54.134 PMinfoRL-2e not Active

dev:1252022-10-07 02:49:54.131 PMinfogroupState someOn

dev:1252022-10-07 02:49:54.126 PMinfo2e etage indicator off

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:51.171 PMdebugEvent: RDC-Escalier-D3w switch on

dev:1032022-10-07 02:49:51.085 PMinfogroupState allOff

app:2212022-10-07 02:49:51.019 PMinfoRL-SousSol-on not Active

dev:1242022-10-07 02:49:51.016 PMinfogroupState allOff

dev:1242022-10-07 02:49:51.009 PMinfoSousSol-on indicator off

app:2162022-10-07 02:49:51.002 PMinfoActivating for All Modes

app:2162022-10-07 02:49:50.988 PMinfoActivation Event: 'RDC-Escalier-D3w' switch on

app:1972022-10-07 02:49:50.977 PMinfoRDC-On not Active

dev:982022-10-07 02:49:50.974 PMinfogroupState allOff

dev:982022-10-07 02:49:50.958 PMinfoRL-RDC-On indicator off

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:50.946 PMdebugEvent: RDC-Escalier-D3w level 99

dev:1152022-10-07 02:49:50.909 PMinfoRDC-Escalier-D3w was turned on

dev:1152022-10-07 02:49:50.907 PMinfoRDC-Escalier-D3w was set to 99

dev:1152022-10-07 02:49:50.904 PMdebugparse:zw device: 42, command: 2603, payload: 63 63 05 , isMulticast: false

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:50.437 PMdebugEvent: CDM-Escalier-D level 99

app:2162022-10-07 02:49:50.407 PMinfosetLevel: RDC-Escalier-D3w, level: 99

dev:1152022-10-07 02:49:50.396 PMdebugsetLevel(99, null)

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:50.383 PMdebugEvent: 2e-2e-D switch on

app:2162022-10-07 02:49:50.368 PMinfosetLevel: CDM-Escalier-D, level: 99

dev:1142022-10-07 02:49:50.346 PMinfoCDM-Escalier-D was turned on

dev:1142022-10-07 02:49:50.339 PMdebugsetLevel(99, null)

dev:1142022-10-07 02:49:50.329 PMinfoCDM-Escalier-D was set to 99

app:2162022-10-07 02:49:50.325 PMinfoActivating for All Modes

dev:1142022-10-07 02:49:50.325 PMdebugparse:zw device: 41, command: 2603, payload: 63 63 05 , isMulticast: false

app:2162022-10-07 02:49:50.321 PMinfoActivation Event: '2e-2e-D' switch on

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:50.312 PMdebugEvent: 2e-2e-D level 99

dev:1132022-10-07 02:49:50.284 PMinfo2e-2e-D was turned on

dev:1132022-10-07 02:49:50.282 PMinfo2e-2e-D was set to 99

dev:1132022-10-07 02:49:50.279 PMdebugparse:zw device: 40, command: 2603, payload: 63 63 05 , isMulticast: false

app:2162022-10-07 02:49:49.340 PMinfosetLevel: RDC-Escalier-D3w, level: 99

dev:1152022-10-07 02:49:49.328 PMdebugsetLevel(99, null)

app:2162022-10-07 02:49:49.300 PMinfosetLevel: CDM-Escalier-D, level: 99

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:49.292 PMdebugEvent: CDM-Escalier-D switch on

dev:1142022-10-07 02:49:49.288 PMdebugsetLevel(99, null)

app:2162022-10-07 02:49:49.279 PMinfosetLevel: 2e-2e-D, level: 99

dev:1132022-10-07 02:49:49.268 PMdebugsetLevel(99, null)

app:2162022-10-07 02:49:49.235 PMinfoActivating for All Modes

app:2162022-10-07 02:49:49.231 PMinfoActivation Event: 'CDM-Escalier-D' switch on

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:49.227 PMdebugEvent: CDM-Escalier-D level 10

dev:1142022-10-07 02:49:49.185 PMinfoCDM-Escalier-D was turned on

dev:1142022-10-07 02:49:49.183 PMinfoCDM-Escalier-D was set to 10

dev:1142022-10-07 02:49:49.180 PMdebugparse:zw device: 41, command: 2603, payload: 00 0A 09 , isMulticast: false

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:48.871 PMdebugEvent: CDM-Escalier-D switch off

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:48.828 PMdebugEvent: RDC-Escalier-D3w switch off

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:48.799 PMdebugEvent: CDM-Escalier-D level 0

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:48.770 PMdebugEvent: 2e-SDB-D level 0

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:48.728 PMdebugEvent: SS-Lavage-D switch off

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:48.684 PMdebugEvent: 2e-SDB-D switch off

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:48.639 PMdebugEvent: RDC-Cuisine-D switch off

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:48.535 PMdebugEvent: RDC-Cuisine-D level 0

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:48.480 PMdebugEvent: Garage- EscalierSS-D switch off

dev:112022-10-07 02:49:48.431 PMinfoRDC-HallEntree-KP was turned off

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:48.424 PMdebugEvent: SS-Lavage-D level 0

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:48.369 PMdebugEvent: Garage- EscalierSS-D level 0

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:48.284 PMdebugEvent: RDC-Cuisine-3w switch off

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:48.233 PMdebugEvent: RDC-EscalierSS-D level 0

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:48.133 PMdebugEvent: SS-Rangement-D switch off

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:48.069 PMdebugEvent: RDC-Cuisine-3w level 0

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:47.962 PMdebugEvent: RDC-SalleManger-D switch off

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:47.894 PMdebugEvent: RDC-SalleManger-D level 0

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:47.840 PMdebugEvent: 2e-SDB-Bain-D switch off

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:47.738 PMdebugEvent: RDC-HallEntree-D3w switch off

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:47.484 PMdebugEvent: RDC-EscalierSS-D switch off

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:47.409 PMdebugEvent: SS-Vin-D switch off

dev:492022-10-07 02:49:47.360 PMinfo2e-SDB-D was turned off

dev:492022-10-07 02:49:47.355 PMinfo2e-SDB-D was set to 0

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:47.321 PMdebugEvent: RDC-HallEntree-D3w level 0

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:47.266 PMdebugEvent: 2e-SDB-Bain-D level 0

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:47.100 PMdebugEvent: RDC-Comptoire-D switch off

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:47.033 PMdebugEvent: RDC-Comptoire-D level 0

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:46.980 PMdebugEvent: SS-Rangement-D level 0

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:46.887 PMdebugEvent: SS-Vin-D level 0

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:46.819 PMdebugEvent: SS-tv-D switch off

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:46.685 PMdebugEvent: RDC-Salon-D switch off

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:46.611 PMdebugEvent: SS-tv-D level 0

dev:502022-10-07 02:49:46.540 PMinfo2e-SDB-Bain-D was turned off

dev:502022-10-07 02:49:46.538 PMinfo2e-SDB-Bain-D was set to 0

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:46.417 PMdebugEvent: RDC-Salon-D level 0

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:46.313 PMdebugEvent: SS-EscalierSS-D3w switch off

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:46.052 PMdebugEvent: SS-EscalierSS-D3w level 0

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:45.966 PMdebugEvent: RDC-Escalier-D3w level 0

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:45.888 PMdebugEvent: RDC-Ilot-D switch off

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:45.812 PMdebugEvent: 2e-2e-D switch off

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:45.712 PMdebugEvent: 2e-2e-D level 0

dev:202022-10-07 02:49:45.708 PMinfoRDC-Comptoire-D was turned off

dev:202022-10-07 02:49:45.706 PMinfoRDC-Comptoire-D was set to 0

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:45.633 PMdebugEvent: RDC-Ilot-D level 0

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:45.397 PMdebugEvent: 2e-BureauVanessa-D switch off

dev:1142022-10-07 02:49:45.307 PMinfoCDM-Escalier-D was turned off

dev:1142022-10-07 02:49:45.305 PMinfoCDM-Escalier-D was set to 0

dev:1142022-10-07 02:49:45.301 PMdebugparse:zw device: 41, command: 2603, payload: 00 00 05 , isMulticast: false

dev:122022-10-07 02:49:45.281 PMinfoRDC-HallEntree-D3w was turned off

dev:502022-10-07 02:49:45.280 PMinfo2e-SDB-Bain-D was turned off

dev:502022-10-07 02:49:45.277 PMinfo2e-SDB-Bain-D was set to 0

dev:202022-10-07 02:49:45.275 PMinfoRDC-Comptoire-D was turned off

dev:122022-10-07 02:49:45.271 PMinfoRDC-HallEntree-D3w was set to 0

dev:202022-10-07 02:49:45.244 PMinfoRDC-Comptoire-D was set to 0

dev:1272022-10-07 02:49:45.236 PMinfoSS-Vin-D was turned off

dev:1272022-10-07 02:49:45.234 PMinfoSS-Vin-D was set to 0

dev:1272022-10-07 02:49:45.228 PMdebugparse:zw device: 4B, command: 2603, payload: 00 00 05 , isMulticast: false

dev:1282022-10-07 02:49:45.228 PMinfoSS-tv-D was turned off

dev:1262022-10-07 02:49:45.226 PMinfoRDC-Salon-D was turned off

dev:1282022-10-07 02:49:45.225 PMinfoSS-tv-D was set to 0

dev:1262022-10-07 02:49:45.222 PMinfoRDC-Salon-D was set to 0

dev:1282022-10-07 02:49:45.222 PMdebugparse:zw device: 4C, command: 2603, payload: 00 00 05 , isMulticast: false

dev:1262022-10-07 02:49:45.219 PMdebugparse:zw device: 4A, command: 2603, payload: 00 00 05 , isMulticast: false

dev:1202022-10-07 02:49:45.204 PMinfoSS-EscalierSS-D3w was turned off

dev:182022-10-07 02:49:45.204 PMinfoRDC-SalleManger-D was turned off

dev:362022-10-07 02:49:45.192 PMinfoSS-Rangement-D was turned off

dev:1202022-10-07 02:49:45.192 PMinfoSS-EscalierSS-D3w was set to 0

dev:182022-10-07 02:49:45.189 PMinfoRDC-SalleManger-D was set to 0

dev:1202022-10-07 02:49:45.188 PMdebugparse:zw device: 47, command: 2603, payload: 00 00 05 , isMulticast: false

dev:362022-10-07 02:49:45.168 PMinfoSS-Rangement-D was set to 0

dev:492022-10-07 02:49:45.162 PMinfo2e-SDB-D was turned off

dev:492022-10-07 02:49:45.157 PMinfo2e-SDB-D was set to 0

dev:352022-10-07 02:49:45.128 PMinfoSS-Lavage-D was turned off

dev:1172022-10-07 02:49:45.128 PMinfoRDC-Cuisine-D was turned off

dev:352022-10-07 02:49:45.113 PMinfoSS-Lavage-D was set to 0

dev:1172022-10-07 02:49:45.107 PMinfoRDC-Cuisine-D was set to 0

dev:1172022-10-07 02:49:45.104 PMdebugparse:zw device: 44, command: 2603, payload: 00 00 05 , isMulticast: false

dev:1192022-10-07 02:49:45.094 PMinfoGarage- EscalierSS-D was turned off

dev:1192022-10-07 02:49:45.065 PMinfoGarage- EscalierSS-D was set to 0

dev:1192022-10-07 02:49:45.061 PMdebugparse:zw device: 46, command: 2603, payload: 00 00 05 , isMulticast: false

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:45.059 PMdebugEvent: 2e-BureauVanessa-D level 0

dev:1182022-10-07 02:49:44.744 PMinfoRDC-EscalierSS-D was turned off

dev:1182022-10-07 02:49:44.741 PMinfoRDC-EscalierSS-D was set to 0

dev:1162022-10-07 02:49:44.728 PMinfoRDC-Cuisine-3w was turned off

dev:1182022-10-07 02:49:44.710 PMdebugparse:zw device: 45, command: 2603, payload: 00 00 05 , isMulticast: false

dev:1162022-10-07 02:49:44.725 PMinfoRDC-Cuisine-3w was set to 0

dev:1162022-10-07 02:49:44.722 PMdebugparse:zw device: 43, command: 2603, payload: 00 00 05 , isMulticast: false

dev:1142022-10-07 02:49:44.705 PMinfoCDM-Escalier-D was turned off

dev:1142022-10-07 02:49:44.703 PMinfoCDM-Escalier-D was set to 0

dev:1142022-10-07 02:49:44.698 PMdebugparse:zw device: 41, command: 2603, payload: 00 00 05 , isMulticast: false

dev:1152022-10-07 02:49:44.685 PMinfoRDC-Escalier-D3w was turned off

dev:1152022-10-07 02:49:44.647 PMinfoRDC-Escalier-D3w was set to 0

dev:1152022-10-07 02:49:44.638 PMdebugparse:zw device: 42, command: 2603, payload: 00 00 05 , isMulticast: false

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:44.624 PMdebugEvent: 2e-BureauJP-D switch off

dev:1322022-10-07 02:49:44.598 PMinfoRDC-Ilot-D was turned off

dev:1132022-10-07 02:49:44.597 PMinfo2e-2e-D was turned off

dev:1132022-10-07 02:49:44.594 PMinfo2e-2e-D was set to 0

dev:1322022-10-07 02:49:44.592 PMinfoRDC-Ilot-D was set to 0

dev:1132022-10-07 02:49:44.578 PMdebugparse:zw device: 40, command: 2603, payload: 00 00 05 , isMulticast: false

dev:1322022-10-07 02:49:44.565 PMdebugparse:zw device: 4F, command: 2603, payload: 00 00 05 , isMulticast: false

dev:1312022-10-07 02:49:44.546 PMinfo2e-BureauVanessa-D was turned off

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:44.534 PMdebugEvent: 2e-BureauJP-D level 0

dev:1312022-10-07 02:49:44.523 PMinfo2e-BureauVanessa-D was set to 0

dev:1312022-10-07 02:49:44.520 PMdebugparse:zw device: 4E, command: 2603, payload: 00 00 05 , isMulticast: false

dev:1302022-10-07 02:49:44.479 PMinfo2e-BureauJP-D was turned off

dev:1302022-10-07 02:49:44.477 PMinfo2e-BureauJP-D was set to 0

dev:1302022-10-07 02:49:44.473 PMdebugparse:zw device: 4D, command: 2603, payload: 00 00 05 , isMulticast: false

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:44.467 PMdebugEvent: RDC-HallEntree-KP switch off

dev:112022-10-07 02:49:44.414 PMinfoRDC-HallEntree-KP was turned off

dev:102022-10-07 02:49:44.231 PMinfoRDC-Facade-D was turned off

dev:102022-10-07 02:49:44.229 PMinfoRDC-Facade-D was set to 0

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:43.814 PMinfooff: RDC-Comptoire-D

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:43.796 PMinfooff: SS-tv-D

dev:1282022-10-07 02:49:43.786 PMdebugoff()

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:43.777 PMinfooff: SS-Vin-D

dev:1272022-10-07 02:49:43.767 PMdebugoff()

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:43.760 PMinfooff: RDC-Salon-D

dev:1262022-10-07 02:49:43.750 PMdebugoff()

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:43.739 PMinfooff: SS-EscalierSS-D3w

dev:1202022-10-07 02:49:43.730 PMdebugoff()

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:43.722 PMinfooff: RDC-SalleManger-D

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:43.706 PMinfooff: SS-Rangement-D

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:43.690 PMinfooff: SS-Lavage-D

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:43.674 PMinfooff: RDC-HallEntree-D3w

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:43.657 PMinfooff: RDC-HallEntree-KP

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:43.641 PMinfooff: RDC-Facade-D

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:43.622 PMinfooff: 2e-SDB-Bain-D

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:43.606 PMinfooff: Garage- EscalierSS-D

dev:1192022-10-07 02:49:43.598 PMdebugoff()

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:43.591 PMinfooff: RDC-EscalierSS-D

dev:1182022-10-07 02:49:43.582 PMdebugoff()

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:43.575 PMinfooff: RDC-Cuisine-D

dev:1172022-10-07 02:49:43.565 PMdebugoff()

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:43.558 PMinfooff: RDC-Cuisine-3w

dev:1162022-10-07 02:49:43.549 PMdebugoff()

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:43.541 PMinfooff: RDC-Escalier-D3w

dev:1152022-10-07 02:49:43.533 PMdebugoff()

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:43.525 PMinfooff: CDM-Escalier-D

dev:1142022-10-07 02:49:43.516 PMdebugoff()

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:43.509 PMinfooff: 2e-2e-D

dev:1132022-10-07 02:49:43.499 PMdebugoff()

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:43.492 PMinfooff: RDC-Ilot-D

dev:1322022-10-07 02:49:43.483 PMdebugoff()

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:43.476 PMinfooff: 2e-BureauVanessa-D

dev:1312022-10-07 02:49:43.467 PMdebugoff()

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:43.460 PMinfooff: 2e-BureauJP-D

dev:1302022-10-07 02:49:43.451 PMdebugoff()

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:43.444 PMinfooff: 2e-SDB-D

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:42.764 PMinfoActivating for All Modes

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:42.758 PMinfoActivation Event: time

app:2202022-10-07 02:49:42.757 PMinfoActivation Event: 'Activation Device' Dodo on

dev:1232022-10-07 02:49:42.737 PMinfoDodo was turned on

here is the roomlight that magicly went ON.

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Sorry, I can't deal with copy/paste logs. You have to use screenshot instead.

Look at the Events for those devices from the button at the top of their device page. It will show the event type there.

and here the light really go on.
not the status that shows on but light is off.

it's just that I was trying to replicate the issue 5-6 times without success. then this occurred...

sure. sorry


yeah, really seems like it triggered the "RL-3w-Escalier2e" (picture above)
unless I missunderstood, "physical only" means I have to physically tap the dimmer on or off for this RL to trigger.
here I did not and it seems to have triggered

tried again, about the same result. one of the 3 lights in RL-3w-Escalier2e went ON and triggered that RL same RL to go on.

It means the device has to report the type of event as Physical. Sometimes other things than tapping a dimmer will do this, depending on the driver. That's why I said to look at the device events, to see what it's reporting.

hum, ok. thanks
here is the log of one occurance.

I'm not talking about these Logs. Hit the Events button on the device page to see its events, and the Type column.

In the logs you just posted, there are no off commands to CDM-Escalier-D shown, so how do we know that's the wrong status. Where is the off command that turned it off? You can see an on command, so the status right after that could be right. Can't tell with what you've shown.

got it. thanks for helping! much appreciated. learning a lot.
all the way down, seems like a off command has been sent, right?

AH, that cool. didn't know that.
so we see I called it off at 3:50:47 which match the log in post above. then it went on at 12% which is the question... why? (when it's actually off, but shown as been on at 12%)

in above picture, under "triggered apps"
the only RL where this dimmer is either a "means to activate" or to "desactivate" is RL--3way-escalier2e which is curently sitting like this:

all other RL do not contain this dimmer in "means to activate" or to "desactivate".

hope that helps... cuz im a bit lost as to why it does show 12% when it's actually off

and signal seems good...

also, writing makes it hard to "read" a person. so im not complaining at all. just trying to help make this hub better.
I was amazed to see a patch been release the same day for a little issue I found. so if I can contribute and find some more enhancement, ill be trilled to contribute!

I just love those RL. they are so fast to execute VS scene that I needed to add metering!
love it!
keep it up!

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ok, after spending several hours on this, I think there are 2 issues.

1: when I call my all off RL (called dodo), all lights go off as expected. then, mysteriously, the hub start to randomly reports switches to be dimmed back up when it's not true, they are actually off. see device RDC-SalleManger-D in picture below

2: if a dimmer affected by the issue above, is part of a RL and is also part of "means to turn on", that false ON event will trigger the RL to go on even if "means to activate" is set to activate on physical only.

see RL-EscalerSS and their 3 members (RDC-EscalierSS-D, Garage-EscalierSS-D and SS-EscalierSS-D)

I saw a firmware update yesterday. applied it.
I saw zooz zen72 has a firmware upgrade. did that too on some dimmers. that does not change the issue

logs when I call the all off RL (called dodo) and some notes to facilitate reading

RDC-SalleManger-D that hub wrongfully reports as been dimmed to 8% then 9% when it's actually went off and stay off as expected. several minutes I hit "refresh" on that device and we see it going off when it was actually already off

and now the 4 way switches for the stairs of the basement. that is issue #2 explained above.

  • hub wrongfully report dimmer garage-escalierSS-D as been dimmer to 5% (can't confirm the "wrongfully" due to RL-3w-escalierSS been triggered)
  • RL-3w-escalierSS gets triggered and turns ON all 3 dimmers in RL-3w-escalierSS

the RL-3w-escalierSS

hub wrongfully report dimmer garage-escalierSS-D as been dimmer to 5%

and the 2 other dimmers of that RL going on too.

hope that helps!

What kind of device is this?

The hub is not inventing events, and the device is clearly showing that it was setLevel to 8 five seconds after it was turned off. Look at the bottom of its device page for other apps that use this device. Something is commanding the device.

devices are all zooz. almost only zen72. a few zen71

let's take RDC-SalleManger-D as I can look at the dimmer physically and see the little blue led indicating it's off and the light fixture is actually off too. then, several minutes later, I can hit refresh on the device and it shows off. so I think it's safe to say that it's off, even if hub reports it been turned on to 8% then 9%

here is what's at the bottom of RDC-SalleManger-D
SAM-used by

and here are those RL "means to turn on" and OFF

from what I can see, nothing can trigger it to go on at 8% then 9%

No, this is not safe to say at all. Those events are real, and are coming from somewhere. The hub is not making them up.