RIsco security integration

Hi all - have done a bit of searching but not much luck. Has anyone managed to integrate a Risco security system (wifi) with HE? I have PIR's and cameras throughout my home, connected to the base station (which is connected to my LAN, and I can access from the Risco cloud and app). Figure as it can be accessed from the web, should be able to integrate to HE?

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Does the company have any info re: an API that other systems can access?

If it has a web portal, then it could be technically possible to integrate in some way, but that doesn’t mean the company makes it easy to do so.

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Thanks @marktheknife. Bit of googling and there has been talk since 2019, but can't find anything published yet....will keep trying, really keen to seem my alarm somehow integrated so I can at least arm and disarm if nothing else.

You can always ask the manufacturer if they have a public API, or urge them to offer one as one of their customers.

For a security company though, there’s probably some pretty major potential downsides to allowing other systems to remotely interact with theirs in. So they may not be that into the idea.

In the US, there are various ways to physically wire a bridge device into the alarm panel that can then serve as the integration point into Hubitat. Not sure if that might be an option down under as well.


Hi Mark - managed to find a few integrations written for other platforms - anyideas how I would go about HE integration per my post here: Creating Risco custom driver



Hmm, im not a developer so to be honest, not really!

However, I would think that the fact that there’s plugins for Homebridge and homeassistant, plus a node.js client and an mqtt bridge means there must be some kind of API to access?

So that’s encouraging at least. In terms of accessing that API with Hubitat, someone would need to write a groovy app.

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