Rinnai Water Heater Integration

I had a Rinnai tankless water heater installed a few years ago and love it. It has a circulation pump built in that you control through schedule or a manual button on a display that I have mounted on the wall in our master bathroom. I automated this with HE via dry contact relay that “pushes” the button and then have a temp sensor and power metering plug to monitor power of the heater to determine on/off state. This mostly works but there are many edge cases where power spikes when the pump is off because of cold temps outside or laundry is consuming hot water, etc. So in some cases I cannot detect the proper state.

I saw on the ST community that there is an official integration now via an optional Wi-Fi module. I see that it also has Zigbee but unsure if that is to integrate with their own motion and other sensors.

@mike.maxwell @chuck.schwer @bravenel @patrick any chance that we can see an official HE integration as well? I would be willing to purchase the module and test anything you come up with.


I had some issues with a recent Rinnai’s Control-R iOS 13 update and getting my devices to reconnect to the module. Even their help pop up customer support number within the app took me to a company that sold the public weight loss pills... no joke. I ended up demanding that they send me their older manual control module. Not as easy to use, but more reliable.

I’d be willing to reconnect the Control-R module to the heater once again if someone needed testing/was willing to port this over.

One thing Rinnai was trying to sell people on at REALLY high costs were their motion sensors (around $200) for activating the built-in recirculation pump. They also had a button/switch too but I wasn’t interested in that. I flat out refuse to pay those exorbitant costs when the motion sensor looks identical to the GoControl motion sensors. I found out that a similar setup was possible with ST but I wanted a more local option with HE. It would be great if someone was willing to take this on as there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be able to use other sensors I already own (ecobee sensors for example.)

It is pretty much pointless to use ecobee sensors to trigger something based on motion as per ecobee's design these sensors are only polled via ecobee's servers once every 5 minutes. So it could be up to 5 minutes after entering what you want to trigger it on before it would happen.

Ecobee's sensors are more of what you would call a "occupancy" sensor and not really a motion sensor.


Is there any chance of a Rinnai integration with Hubitat?



From the latest in that earlier thread, SmartThings doesn't have a functioning integration, and it looks like it's only available in the "New" app, so I don't know what that means about the possibility of a Hubitat Integration. Seems a bit unlikely to me based on what I'm reading....


Has anyone come up with a working integration with Rinnai Control-R yet. The new model works with both Google and Alexa - I'm assuming at a minimum I can use IFTTT rules - but I'd rather directly integrate.

I was interested in that product but found out that Control-R won't work with my wall mounted controller. Its one or the other which is unfortunate. What I ended up doing is soldering a wire to both sides of the Circ Pump button and use a dry contact relay to "push" the button with HE when any shower light turns on or via Alexa saying "turn on hot water".

I have been watching the ST post that I linked to in the first post and its been hit or miss there too with frequent disconnects for users.


I use https://aquanta.io/ via IFTTT, not the best integration but it works.

I have it working in Hubitat using a similar workaround to what I used in Smartthings.

I created a Virtual Contact/Switch: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stephack/Hubitat/master/drivers/Virtual%20Contact%20Sensor%20with%20Switch.groovy

In Hubitat I setup a rule to wait 30 seconds and turn off the virtual switch whenever it turns on. Then I setup my rules to turn on the virtual switch in all the situations I want the recirculation to run.

I have the Hubitat Alexa App sharing the virtual contact/switch.

In Alexa I have the Rinnai ControlR skill setup. I have setup an Alexa routine to monitor the contact sensor and when it opens it triggers a custom action of "Ask controlR for hot water."

Not self-contained to Hubitat, but it works perfectly.

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