Ring Smoke Listener (and other Ring devices)

Has anyone tried using the Ring Smoke Listener with Hubitat? It's z-wave, but I don't know if Ring-made z-wave devices are generic enough to work with other hubs.

This is the only z-wave smoke listener on the market I'm aware of, and the price is good. If you know of any other smoke listeners (z-wave, not Wi-Fi), please let me know also.

EDIT: just found this Ecolink alternative (must be a new product, since I haven't seen if before). So I guess if anyone tried that, let me know too.
EDIT2: oops, looks like the Ecolink is already supported. I guess I should do better home work before posting. :thinking:

But my question about Ring z-wave devices still stands in general.

The Ecolink is on sale for $31 at:

I don't have one yet, I still have 2 Leeos. Those are wifi listeners.

Thanks. Yes I've overlooked this product. I searched for a z-wave listener a few months ago, and I did not see anything on the market. Must be new.

Ecolink firefighter works great with hubitat. It’s been on the market probably 9-12 months or so.


I may start to write some drivers for these. Mike tried with the keypad but he couldn't get it to join the hub. They might have done something non-standard to prevent their devices from being joined easily to other hubs.

I read somewhere, possibly here, that they are S2 but mysteriously won't try to use S0 (my understanding of what the spec requires) if that fails (which it will on Hubitat or nearly any other Z-Wave controller currently on the market). Not sure if that was a guess or substantiated with some verification.

I'll know soon enough (probably). I have 30 or so Ring Z-Wave devices connected to the Ring hub. Recently Fry's clearanced all their Ring products so I bought a bunch I didn't need. I'm going to try and connect them directly and right drivers for them I think.

Probably, but the Ring z wave repeater works fine in HE.

I wonder if Mike has seen this. I wonder if there is a backdoor way to force a secure join for a device.

Does it join differently? Do you have one working? What driver does it use? The reason I asked is because I just failed to join a keypad and an extender directly to my hub. I'm set to secure for only garage doors and locks though. They excluded okay so I know they're not paired. They just won't join.

I failed with the keypad, but the extender works.

@vjv Just in case you care.

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Thanks for letting me know.

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None of the bits in the security kit will include with S0 security.
It's not clear to me what an S2 capable device is supposed to do (per spec) when it encounters an S0 only capable hub, however other devices that I've tested fall back to S0, but these dont.

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Weird thing is.. I thought per spec it was supposed to be backwards compatible.. And these devices are certified..

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Yes, however that doesn't mean crap from a practical perspective...


Zigbee Alliance any more discerning with their certifications?


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Kinda defeats the purpose of a "standard"

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