Ring, Nest Smoke detector

Hi Guys.
Does anyone out there know how to communicate with Nest Smoke detector and Ring Intercom.

There is currently no nest integration with any 3rd party companies since last august. They shut down the works with best api. Google has announced that they will have a works with google api sometime this quarter so we will all have to wait...

Thanks for the information

Actually you can integrate Nest into HomeKit with HomeBridge and the Nest plugin. Then using the HomeBridgeHubitat plugin you can propagate it back up. You have to use HomeKit events to populate the device, but I've got a simple tweaked version of the virtual presence sensor that supports Smoke and CO. I'll dig out the link in a bit

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There is a way for the Nest protects, but it requires Homebridge.

Just to make it easier here are some links. You'll need a homekit server (recent iPad, 3rd gen or later Apple TV, or HomePod). Then you need an always on server (I use a Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB (lots of services on it). All of the Homebridge stuff is a fairly simple install on a PI (compared to other projects).

HomeBridge, Homebridge nest plugin, and Homebridge Hubitat Maker API plug in

If you want here is a sample of the type of device you will need for the Protects Virtual Protect driver

I also like to use this plug in for a Config UI

I am new working with the Hubitat, I bought it a week ago, that mean I will need a lot help my friends.
I have installed Ring Intercom, Nest and Apple TV, but not of them are integrated, I bout Fibaro a few week ago but I decided to change for Hubitat. The review for Hubitat are much better than Fibaro.

If that Apple TV is 3rd gen 1080p or either of the 4k models then you have your homekit server right there. With iOS phones it's great for presence. And the MakerAPI plugin lets you ferry stuff back and forth. I have to admit it's a much prettier UI. And the front door uses an August Pro that I added to homekit and I can raise my Apple watch and ask Siri to lock the door with a faster respose time than using August's watch or phone apps.

Ok quick question. I've had the Hubitat Maker API running for a while now with no issues. I'm adding a Nest Protect I've got the homebridge-nest plugin installed and the config.json setup correctly and homebridge is back up and running.

The one thing I can't figure out is how to add the Nest Protect Device back into Hubitat. Do I create a virtual device with the Virtual Protect driver that @LostJen talks about above?

Thanks in advance.

Well that's how I did it. Please note you can't just import the protects or any smoke/co detector. So you have to use the dual switch/smoke or co. That's what my driver is. I create a single instance in Hubitat, add it to the HomeBridge MakerAPI app and then in the apple home app I have automations for any trigger of any smoke or CO set the switch on. Setting the switch on, makes Hubitat see both the switch AND the Sensor is triggered.

You don't have to just create a single one, but I found it faster to set up the automation rules with just the one. I have the nest app to tell me which is singing. I just wanted Hubitat to know one was so I could use the HSM.

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