Ring Motion Sensors recently stopped triggering Simple Automation Rule

I'm a relatively new Hubitat owner, and have gotten everything successfully working so far - including using the Hubitat Package Manager to add my Ring devices via the Unofficial Ring Connect app.

With that integration, one of my first automations was to setup a simple "if there's motion, turn on a light" Simple Automation Rule. This rule worked great for several weeks, but has recently (last 2 days) stopped working.

When looking at the logs, I'm not getting this message pretty constantly (when filtered down to the - basically every half hour or so. I can't tell if this started right with the issue,

dev:22024-01-03 12:03:10.245 AM info WebSocket is open
dev:22024-01-03 12:03:09.821 AM warn WebSocket connection closing.
dev:22024-01-03 12:03:07.039 AM error It has been 32 minutes since a websocket msg was received, but websocket is still connected. This really shouldn't happen. Forcing a reconnect

There was a preceeding error: Might be related?

2024-01-02 11:30:04.114 PM[error] Ring connectivity error: Bad Connection - Get "": context deadline exceeded

Appreciate any help you can provide!

Not solving your problem but offering an alternative.

I use the official echo skill and it has been reliable so far.

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Thanks! Have many echo's around the house. And use them to voice control some of the lights. Is that what you are suggesting?

Sorry for being unclear. I connected my ring with alexa and through the skill get the motion sensor updates.

I can get some code screenshots later today

I use Alexa routines to update virtual switches in Hubitat based on Ring events that I can then use to trigger automations in Hubitat. The delay seems to typically be on the order or a second or two and it has been reliable for me.

You created that as a "Virtual Switch" type in Hubistat? I tried a "Virtual Motion Sensor", and Alexa thought it was a thermometer...

Better to continue this convo on the main community app thread, but here is an example of using the Alexa Skills for this which have been very reliable for me over the years.

Got it. Similar to what I am trying out. I just put a timer in that turns the switch on for 30 seconds or so. Is there a reason or benefit to using the momentary switch?

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My take is to make sure you have a reliable off to on trigger for something. If it wasn't momentary you'd be stuck in a weird on state.

This switch in particular also does a webhook call to the device, so it can mimic the IFTTT integration locally + alexa which is what I liked.

If I just need Alexa -> Hubitat information, I use a standard virtual switch.
If I need Hubitat to be able to trigger Alexa, then it needs to be a virtual motion sensor or contact sensor. I use a custom driver called "Virtual Motion Sensor with Switch" from Ernie Miller that acts as both a motion sensor and a switch, which allows Hubitat to trigger Alexa and for Alexa to set or clear it to pass information back to Hubitat if wanted. I found that driver here in the community.

Here is a link to that driver: