Ring Keypad Gen 2 - can't include

I have spent a few hours trying to get the Ring keypad to connect to the HE. It is never seen. I have tried a factory reset, moving the unit next to the controller. I think I have read every article on this to no avail. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


What hub do you have? The Compatible Devices chart indicates that a C-7 is required.

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Try using SmartStart from the mobile app.

I do have the c-7. I will try the Smart start. I saw that but did not know where it was.

OK, I feel stupid. Turns out that I did not have the micro USB plug all the way into the keypad. Once I got it in, the device was found.

Now I have a different issue. The HE does not recognize the keypad when I try to arm/disarm HSM. If I arm the system manually, the keypad does recognize that. I do have the keypad configured to arm/disarm HSM . Any ideas on what I need to do?

You shouldn't need the USB cable plugged in for it to pair.

The ring Gen 2 devices can be very picky. Did you pair it with S2 security or change any of the security parameters. They need to have exactly what they ask for when they prompt you for security through either the app or through Smartstart. Without that they just will have problems.

I had a few issues getting my to pair fully as well. I finally had to hold the little reset button on the back to get it to rully reset and then add it with Smartstart.

Check Live logging to see if anything is logged when pressing the buttons and such. If not it probably didn't fully pair and needs to have everything reset.

I could do a hard reset but it would not pair until I plugged in the unit properly. I was able to scan the QR code to pair the keypad. Once I did that, all was good.

How did you get the keypad to work and arm/disarm the system. I cannot get mine to do anything.

Once it was installed properly it was just a matter of adding it to HSM's configuration as a keypad and setting up codes to be used

Have you created a code on the keypa

I have created a code on the keypad and have assigned the keypad to HSM. Still nothing.

Can you turn logging on for the keypad and post results?

I am uploading a screen capture. I had entered my code and then arm away. Next I entered my code and disarm. I only see 1 entry for today.

interesting that the arm/disarm events are not showing up... I'm almost wondering if it didn't pair nicely.

Can you go into the Zwave details under settings for the hub and look at what security is used when it was paired to the hub. I experienced this behavior when my keypad didn't pair right the first time with incorrect security.

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It is set to S2 Access Control.

When you enter your code and press the arm home button does the keypad respond in any way? It should light up the armed home button and say "home and armed." That function is, I believe, controlled entirely within the keypad.

I get nothing. Should I remove and set it up again?

Pain though they are to include, I would try excluding and including again. Just make sure you don't end up witha ghost! @mavrrick58 your thoughts?

I would remove and setup again. You may want to check Rings info on how to trigger the pair properly so you can get it to exclude. I know I ended up just doing a factory reset on the back to clear it. I was fortunate and was able to remove the ghost it left behind on my hub fairly easily.

TADA! I removed the device, reset the keypad, paired it and now it is working. I appreciate everyone's help.


That is great to hear. I will point out ne more thing just to save yourself some headaches. I have had good success with my ring keypad once it was setup. The one thing i have happen was an occasional issue where the keypad would stop talking to Hubitat after certain events where the hub and Zwave radio has been reset due to a power loss or me working on other stuff in the house. If that happens just pick up the keypad and single press the reset button on the back. It will help kick it to reconnect. I believe it will reconnect on it's own if you just leave it alone but i don't know how long that might take.