Ring Integration

I am not sure what happened a few days ago the Ring stopped syncing with HSM. There were no changes when this stopped working. I did update the hub and the package to see if that fixed the issue, but it did not. Any ideas how to trouble shoot this?

My Ring integration usually stops after a Hub update. For me, So now after each update, I go into the Ring Virtual Alarm Hub and "Refresh" the device. From there is usually starts working again

With that being said, I don't use HSM, I use modes and presence to arm/disarm my system

Hope you get it working

@lunamanny714 Check your unofficial Ring Connect app and see if it's logged in. A bunch of us got kicked out a couple of days ago.

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There has been a change in the app to fix this - if you use Hubitat Package Manager, it should update automatically. You will need to sign-in to your Ring Account again for it to work. The Alarm (Websocket) portion will take maybe a few minutes to reconnect.