Ring extenders with battery backup not so great real world experience

windy here. power fluctuations and then outages..

have two rings on each floor.

Not sure it is such a good idea in real world test.

when power came back on.. nothing worked well and none of the devices rebuilt their routes.

had to go into the zwave info and basically force repairs and turn devices on/of or refresh to get the routes rebuilt before everything was working reliably again..

for real world it would nice if the spec allowd you to selectivly disable repeating in all wired devices.
then put more rings on each floor which in effect would force stuff to route through them .. Then when outages occur and go there would be no effect.

I think where Z-Wave is headed, you could use Z-Wave LR (assuming the end device supported it) and that would make a direct connection to your hub (without repeaters). Other Z-Wave devices would/could continue to use repeaters. At least that is the way I understand it.

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at least no switches radios died which is common with quick on/off power fluctuations

also gave me an opportunity to tweek my startup rules after outage

sylvania zigbee switchs do not turn back on after outage.. a few of my hue lights did not have last state set. and lightify/sylvania bulbs and strips all turn on after power restoration.

fat chance they will actually work after power restoration. due to mesh instability but maybe zigbee is better than zwave in those circumstances.

You have to refresh the Ring Extenders on startup in order to get them back on mains power so that the switch to battery event will be detected. The hub misses the switch to mains because Ring goes back online before hub.

i never said anything about it missing the turn on.. that is working fine.

also spoke too soon. one of the jasco enbrighten receptacles died with the power fluctuations.. damn... cannot find receipt and i know it is recent.. unless it was the honeywell i got from amazon that came as a ge..

And I never said that you did. I just wanted to mention this in passing because you said you were revisiting your startup rules.

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@bcopeland: is there any way to do this currently? (Example: is there a way, either during inclusion or post inclusion, to "make" a zwave device act as if it was on battery, thus making it a non-router) I can think of several situations this could be helpful personally.

Totally understand that LR is the path Zwave is going...

If the Ring Extenders must be refreshed after each power outage, That underscores the need for having all hubs on a UPS that recovers itself after an outage (and thanks for pointing that out about the Ring extenders, @672southmain). I don't use Ring (have Aeotec repeaters) but I find that for a host of reasons, a UPS on a home automation hub prevents problems. Just a thought as folks grapple with these issues, feom a person who lives in an area with a lot of power fluctuations.

Just to be clear, the Ring Extenders are fine, and I agree with you about the need for the hub (and network equipment such as routers and switches) to be on UPS support, and to have graceful power shutdown for the hub before the UPS goes out. The problem is that the hub will not be fully restarted when the Ring Extender returns to mains power from its own internal battery power, so the hub will miss the “return to mains” power event from the Ring Extender, think that the Ring Extender is still on battery power, and therefore the hub will ignore the “switch to battery power” event from the Ring Extender the next time power fails.

FYI, here are my rules to refresh on startup and shutdown on power fail. The shutdown is done through Dominic Meglio’s (@dman2306’s) Hubitat Hub Controller device.

Rule Screenshots

There is no way to do this on Z-Wavw

Good point.. I’ll add this to the driver


@672southmain Agree, and didn't mean to say anything against Ring. I need to check on my Aeotecs to see how they act, I suppose. I think we're saying similar things, actually. I just used the opportunity to remind folks to put their hub on a UPS. As I know you agree, it prevents many, many problems for a relatively low cost. Thanks for your drivers, as well!

If/when you do, please document the change in release notes.

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Of course.

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here are my rules to

  1. refresh stuff after boot
  2. notify on ring after outages and also turn on/off (the tweaking i did) devices that do not come back on line the way i wanted.
  3. shutdown the hub gracefully from ups