Ring doorbell/Floodlight cam motion

I read that people are able to trigger action based on a motion from Ring Doorbell or Floodlight cam.

I tried many things and it does not work. I use the unofficial Ring Connect app. My doorbell is defined as a Ring Virtual Camera and my floodlight as a Ring Virtual Light with Siren.

I tried the option to poll for the motion every 15 seconds and still not work. I'm able to power on the light from HE but I can't get an active motion. Any idea ? I'd like not to use IFTTT.

I have mine paired with Alexa, and I have an alexa routine trip a virtual switch/motion sensor I shared from Hubitat. Then I can do actions in hubitat based on that motion sensor. Basically the same as using IFTTT but I already was using Alexa. It works quick enough and has been reliable for me. Using it to turn on the front lights when motion at the door.

Otherwise the only way I know of is to poll it which is not good for motion or bell presses because its not real time.

Thank you for your answer ! I also use Alexa routine but I would prefer to move everything under HE.

If you find the "Enhanced" motion sensor virtual switch driver you can create a virtual switch that is both a switch and motion sensor. I named mine "Front Door Motion". Share that to Alexa. For your Alexa routine have it ONLY trip that switch which then creates a motion event in Hubitat you can react to. That is the best way you can move all your logic to Hubitat that I have found. Still have to rely on that one Alexa routine to kick it off though.

Make sure you either have Alexa turn the switch back off after motions ends with a routine or set an auto-off on it (drive should include an option).

Ok thank's, I'll check that, but still need to use Alexa routines. That's better than nothing.

I found the Driver I am using, although I customized it and added an auto-off and possibly some other things. There are other versions on the forums as well.

This one has more features and is on HPM

Wow that's a good one ! Right now after creating it in HE, Alexa does not detect it. I'll do more tests.

Make sure you share it to Alexa using the Alexa app in Hubitat.

What a beginner error !!!! Thank's for your help. Now I'm in business :wink:

If you want the device from this integration to be in sync, I use this method instead of IFTT to achive that.

Hummm looks interesting, I will read it more, Thank's

Wow it works ! That's great. Thank's for you print screen. Except that in 2 years when I'll add a new Ring device I will ask myself, how come the other devices get the motion status updated but not the new one ! :wink:

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