Ring Alarm?

November 2020. I'm a little bit confused over integrating my Ring Alarm with HE. I see a Widthdrawn notice on one initiative...
Can it work? At least get the motion and door sensors in HE.
It may no longer be supported, but if you could direct me to a link, I would appreciate it.
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Hey Denis,

For me it works great and I use Mode changes in HE to set the alarm when we come and go and when we go to bed at night and in the morning when we get up

The only integration I know of is the [WITHDRAWN] Unofficial Ring Integration

Good luck


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I stand corrected, you posted the correct link to the Ring integration


Thank you so much, wow, what a great community.


The integration works fantastic.
You can also easily hook up non-alarm Ring devices through Alexa or IFTTT as well.

You beat me to it.. Yes it works great. Very impressed.

Thank you, thank you.