Ring Alarm?

November 2020. I'm a little bit confused over integrating my Ring Alarm with HE. I see a Widthdrawn notice on one initiative...
Can it work? At least get the motion and door sensors in HE.
It may no longer be supported, but if you could direct me to a link, I would appreciate it.
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Hey Denis,

For me it works great and I use Mode changes in HE to set the alarm when we come and go and when we go to bed at night and in the morning when we get up

The only integration I know of is the [WITHDRAWN] Unofficial Ring Integration

Good luck


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I stand corrected, you posted the correct link to the Ring integration


Thank you so much, wow, what a great community.


The integration works fantastic.
You can also easily hook up non-alarm Ring devices through Alexa or IFTTT as well.

You beat me to it.. Yes it works great. Very impressed.

Thank you, thank you.

I consider myself a relatively competent computer user but spent five hours getting my Ring devices into Hubitat this morning. I wish some Hubitat expert would walk through the steps in a YouTube video. If a new Hubitat user has never created/activated a user-created Hubitat App (the Hubitat Package Manager, which is the first step), the "how to" documentation on getting this to work could be better in my opinion.

The final result looks pretty good, however, and I now have my 10 Ring devices created in Hubitat.
Ring Doorbell 2 Pro (1)
Ring Indoor Cam (1)
Various Ring Alarm Devices (8)

       -  Contact Sensors (4)
       -  Motion Sensors (1)
       -  Range Extender (1)
       -  Keypad (1)
       -  Hub (1) 

Let me know if you are interested in the series of steps I personally followed. Getting my 13 Insteon devices into Hubitat is my next big challenge.

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The first post explains the installation steps.

Hubitat documents

PLEASE, I just got my Hubitat today and I'm reading all of these posts in the forum and I can't for the life of me figure out how to add Hubitat Package Manager. I don't know what it means or why the code I'm importing isn't showing up. I just want to be able to add user apps like the ring integration and any else I find, but I don't know how to add anything.


In general:

The installation steps in the first post for are out of date, provided you are willing to use the much easier Hubitat Package Manager to achieve Hubitat/Ring integration.

To start, I believe you need to add the Hubitat Package Manager, which is a user-defined app you will need to create and activate. The first step is to select "<> Apps Code" on the Hubitat main menu and then "+ New App" in the top right corner. That will open up a new window where you can copy and paste the code you need.

You can get the code from this file:

When you successfully save the file, you should see the file named "Hubitat Package Manager" being shown in your "<> Apps Code" window. That means the file has been saved as a user-defined app in Hubitat.

The next step is to actually activate your user-defined app in Hubitat. Select "□□□+ Apps" on the Hubitat main menu and then "+ Add User App" in the top right corner. You should be able to select "Hubitat Package Manager". If you are successful and activate the app, you should now see "Hubitat Package Manager" as an available app in your Hubitat "□□□+ Apps" window.

Let me know if you encounter any trouble (jaxgab@comcast.net).

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This post should be useful for you, I included an animated gif/walkthrough as well.

I have already integrated my Ring Alarm devices with Hubitat using the Hubitat Package Manager, but now I now have purchased and installed a second Ring Alarm keypad and wonder how to get that device to show up in Hubitat.

The second keypad doesn't show up in Hubitat automatically, so I am looking for advice on how to proceed.

I believe you need to go into the "Ring Virtual Alarm Hub" on the devices page, and click "Create Devices".

When I click that "Create Devices" button, nothing seems to happen. I go back to the "Devices" list, the second Ring Alarm keypad still has not been added.

Hmm, that should have worked? Perhaps try "refresh" then "Create Devices"?
I don't know if this app is hard coded to only one keypad or not, but I've successully added new Alarm devices this way like the Smoke/CO detectors.

Yeah strange. I added 4 contact sensors the other day this way with success. I don't have new keypad but do have 2 in the system. I guess I could delete one and try adding it back to see if it will work but is that the same?

I realized tonight that my Hubitat/Ring integration is suspect because Hubitat and Ring don't seem to be communicating at all. It is probably why my "Create Devices" button doesn't respond. Unfortunately, when I test my virtual Ring contact sensor in Hubitat it now keeps reporting "contact : closed" even when I open and close the door.

I decided to try uninstalling the "Hubitat Ring Integration (Unofficial)" package in Hubitat Package Manager, then try and reinstall it. It encountered the following error,

Due to the error, I decided to try restoring a backup version of my Hubitat hub, and everything seemingly goes back to "normal". But Hubitat and Ring still don't seem to be communicating at all, even though there was communication a week ago.

Is my Hubitat hub already broken?