Ring Alarm Keypad

New to Hubitat. (utilizing hardware to interface with HomeSeer) Any chance of getting the Ring Alarm Keypad (it's a Z-Wave Device) integrated?

It has a proprietary pairing process so you can't pair it with anything except the Ring Base Station.

As stated, it won’t work. Z-Wave doesn’t have to be compatible with other hubs, and their version of it is not.

However, there is a community integration that works great with the Rind Alarm hub. It’s local, and you won’t care that the keypad can’t integrate directly. It also lets you use the motion sensors and contact sensors,etc, from the Ring hub in HE.

Except you have to buy a whole ring system. You can't buy just the base and the keypad. So, another hub? No thanks. That's a non-starter for me.

I would stick with one of the Centrallite ones. They're still available on Ebay.

:joy: I have 6 hubs, 3 gateways, and an always on MacBook Pro that runs four Node.js applications. Yeah, I guess I’m not going to get your apprehension. :slightly_smiling_face:

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So, you want to add another?!? I would think you would have enough of more hubs than I would. But yeah, that would not fly in my world. WAAAYYY too much maintenance.

Well have not had the Ring hub long enough to say if it’s high maintenance or not. So far it’s dead easy to use with Z-Wave 700 and firmware/device updates were painless.

I don’t believe in using home automation hubs as security systems. I prefer that a dedicated system designed for the task is in place. The Ring Alarm hub has exactly what I needed. Self install, battery backup, cellular backup and a no contract professional monitoring option I can start and stop as I like.

The integration is icing on the cake. Very happy with the choice.

[Edit] I mistakenly thought the Ring hub used a Z-Wave 700 chipset. I later learned both first and second generations use the older 500 chipset. First consumer hub to market was Hubitat Elevation.

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You were looking for a whole system....not just a keypad. Very different use-cases. The OP is using Homeseer and just wants a keypad.

Depends on your perspective. I can only assume he wants an Alarm Keypad to use HE as an alarm system. So I gave my opinion on that.

I got my 5 piece Ring Alarm on sale for $123. Considering I now don’t need two of the contact sensors that were in my doors, that saved me around $40, and since I can use their motion sensor for HE automations too, that saves me another $20 as I now have a motion sensor freed up too. So the Ring hub with battery and cellular back plus a Z-Wave extender with battery backup, and the Ring keypad was just $63. And since the Keypad alone is $50 and has never gone on sale (and probably won’t by itself), then my expense to get a Ring keypad that I can use with HE, plus a great security system, was just $13. No brainer for me.

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That's not how I read this at all.

Thanks Guys,

To clarify a bit. I'm using Hubitat hardware only (Zigbee and Z-Wave) and HomeSeer for the 'processing engine'.

So my interest was in the Keypad alone, and since it was a Z-Wave product I though someone may have figured out how to integrate it into Hubitat.

That does not look possible, thanks for all your help.

I am able (and people in general) are able to pair the keypad to the SmartThings hub. I haven't given up on @mike.maxwell yet. Maybe they will find something if they look at it again.

I might look at it again as well. I bought a DIY (aka not licensed so it was relatively inexpensive) Z-Wave sniffer so I can examine pairing processes for fun. Haven't tried it out yet but at some point I plan to look at it pairing with SmartThings and then again on an attempt to pair with Hubitat and detail the differences. I'm super busy with the Christmas light and sound show right now so I haven't done a lot of HA lately.

Can you explain how to pair it to ST? I sent my Ring keypad to Mike but we did not find the way to pair it to HE. Mike sent the keypad back to me.

Normally. I went into the ST classic app, put the hub in inclusion mode and held down the button on the keypad that put it in inclusion mode (5 I think. Don't remember for sure.) I paired it and unpaired it twice from ST, excluding it after unpairing it. In between ST pairs I tried pairing it to Hubitat with absolutely zero luck.

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It looks like a real nice Keypad, and more importantly still in production. Would be pretty awesome if it could be figured out.

What DTH are you using for the Ring Keypad in SmartThings?

I didn't use one. It just joined as "device".

Then its not a functioning device as device is generic and does nothing.

Thank you for that insightful and brilliant observation.

The point was that it could pair successfully. You can't write a driver if it doesn't pair.

Your welcome. I always like to point out the obvious posts that don't explain anything.