Ring Alarm Keypad V2 should be removed from List of Compatible Devices

After hours of troubleshooting and reading these forums, I'm unable to get the keypad to send key press events to the hub (e.g. arm / disarm the alarm). These events do not appear in the logs. I can arm / disarm the keypad from the hub via webui, but no button press on the keypad sends data back to the hub. This is an essential function of such a device. The only error in the logs is when setting the alarm: 'java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Handler method cannot be empty on line 182 (method armHome)'

I have unpaired, factory reset, and paired (S2 AC) using both classic and smart start. Both times the keypad paired without issue.

Given this is a common enough problem reported by the community2, the built-in driver either needs to be fixed (seems to be a bug with the proximity sensor) to work with the latest firmware shipping with these devices or the ring alarm keypad v2 should be removed from the List of Compatible Devices1.

Ring Alarm Keypad V2 info:
firmwareVersion: 2.0
hardwareVersion: 4

Hubitat Elevation Info:
C-8 Pro

I agree with your assessment, but I do think I have a workaround.

You have to start from scratch here, but cover the motion sensor with something, like a piece of duck-tape. Factory Reset, then add the device using SmartStart in the Hubitat app. Finally, swap over to the community driver on the device page.

I give these instructions assuming you've tried most of it without the duck-tape trick, let me know if you haven't and I can provide more detailed instructions.

It's annoying that we have to do these kinds of workarounds, but I didn't feel like returning them. I think it has something to do with the motion sensor locking up the device in some way, but not fully? Like you, the key press events didn't seem to do anything for me, but they were receiving events from the hub.

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