Ring Alarm integration

+1 for Ring Alarm integration.

Anyone willing to earn some cash working with this? Or maybe just a challenge?

Websockets is not a challenge for some here....


I will offer up a solid, "Atta Boy" to anyone that creates the integration :laughing:

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In my humble opinion, this is something that Hubitat Support should take up due to the overwhelming market presence of Ring equipment. It's just a smart move to have a solid integration with one of the "leading" players in the Home Automation field.

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You can ask and dream. Nothing more.

Makes sense to me for Hubitat to wait, as there are a lot of changes going on with those integrations as they merge three companies into the fold at once (Ring, Mr. Beams and Blink)

Not sure if anyone's interested but I use the Ring contact door/window sensors with Hubitat (without the Ring system) as they were cheap. I had to take the Z-wave contact sensor code and customise it slightly though, otherwise the contact sensors would stick (e.g. they'd just go on), though the changes I made didn't seem unreasonable I also know the unmodified code works with other sensors, so I'm not sure what the whole deal is.

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@electric_monk I am interested in this... how did you go about getting this to work ? I have the device attached to my hub. I am seeing the open condition ,but does not reset back to the closed once the door is closed. Any help is appreciated!

@Rylannic That's exactly the behaviour I also saw/fixed.

I've posted my little driver to hubitat/RingContact.groovy at master · electric-monk/hubitat · GitHub

It seemed like the "built in" driver just wasn't handling the "turn off" case, which works slightly differently to the "turn on" case, so I just implemented it myself.


I've been sitting on this a really long time. I'm just finally getting around to a formalized testing period and release. Here is a native integration that uses the websocket client (and doesn't require an AWS instance because that is lame) and private API calls.

Where is my "Atta Boy"?

@Rylannic, @electric_monk Have either of you been able to get the keypad to pair? I was dorking around with an extra one a couple of days ago. I can get it to pair to SmartThings without any problems. It does not want to pair to Hubitat though.

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That's what I'm talking about. THANK YOU. I'd like to take a moment and thank all of the little people who helped me get.............. [trailing off]


Ring alarm ordered. Hope I don't have to issue an "awshit" :wink:

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As long as you read my disclaimers...

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I did, but didn't click "Agree" :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


LOL! Can I turn this into a Canada thing?

'You frickin' Canadians.'

You’ll need a Canadian. I live here, but I’m American :wink:


An AmeriCanadian. The worst kind. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: