Ring alarm integration help

I installed and setup the ring alarm integration I have all the ring sensor devices showing up. But I can’t see a way to schedule the ring alarm to arm and disarm at certain times. I just don’t understand ring a scheduling feature is the easiest thing to include in an alarm but nothing here, and nothing coming so when I heard about the integration I was happy but I can’t seem to figure out how to have the ring alarm change modes, a little help would be greatly appreciated thx.

I recommend learning to get familiar with the search functionality of the forum.

I searched myself as the author and for the word schedule and searched inside the integration thread and I came up with this post.

This is the way I intended for most users to schedule alarm changes. You use HSM (which is the out-of-the-box for security and monitoring for Hubitat) and then you use a rule via Rule Machine (out-of-box app) to sync the mode changes to Ring. If you want HSM to reflect changes made on the Ring side then you want to enable the functionality I put in the integration to synchronize those changes.

If you don't want to use HSM then just use a rule from Rule Machine to schedule commands to the Ring Alarm device to set the mode at the schedule you want.

If you need help navigating Rule Machine there a lots of posts and an increasing number of videos on how to use it and make automations and schedules.


Thanx for the response I did read that post and it was not clear wether the sync was both ways from the way I read it and the app I was under the assumption that you could change the modes on the ring alarm side and it would change the HSM status I was just trying to be clear that you could change the HSM status inside HE and it would change the ring alarm status on that end am I correct in my assumptions I was just trying to be clear.

  • HSM -> Ring -- The rule in RM makes status changes in HSM sync to Ring by way of calling the command on the Ring Alarm
  • Ring -> HSM -- The toggle on the preference in the ring alarm hub device called " Sync Ring Alarm mode to HSM mode?

If you set both of these up then you will have 2-way synchronization.

Thx for the info codahq much appreciated

Can you send me the links to the videos? I want get this setup but I am more of a visual learner.

I've been looking for that button but don't see it, can you screenshot it or confirm this switch still exists?
Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere