HSM and Ring Alarm integration

Hi there,

I am looking for some instructions on linking Ring Alarm to HSM. I have added the ring integration and HSM apps separately but not finding any instructions on linking them. Before someone says, I have already looked at the thread Ring alarm integration help but don't see specific instructions on linking Ring Alarm to HSM. May be I am missing something? I would like to set schedule of when the Ring Alarm should arm and disarm and use geofencing for triggering Away mode. Are these possible?

I'm looking to do something similar. I'm not sure where I read that Hubitat and Ring were compatible before going down this road but I'm quickly finding out that they are far from. Been super happy with how Ring works and how Hubitat works just wish I could do more together.

You will find the solution using RM around post 90 and 125 on this post.

Thank you for pointing me to the specific post in that long thread. Looks like the options are different in RM 4.0 but I managed to set it up and I think it works. I was expecting the Ring hub to say "Home and Armed", etc. but that does not work even though the system seems to set the Intrusion in HSM correctly. I haven't fully verified this. Am I missing something?