RGBW Tiles

I have several Fibaro RGBW and Qubino RGBW devices. I have installed several custom drivers but the color change is very complicated.

I would like to know when you think to integrate these devices officially with a friendly tiles to be able to modify easily the colors.



I too am waiting for the Fibaro RGBW driver so I can shutdown my VeraPlus. I was not even able to control the colors. I only need one color combination (for now). Is it possible for you to post the driver you are using?


I used the one available in compatible devices.

custom device handler


Not sure which one you are referring to. Is it a built in Hubitat driver?

You can go here and get the link to the custom driver.

Thank you.

I've played with the Robin Winborne driver but could not make any sense of it . Will give it another try.



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