RGBIC Hubitat control

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Can anyone advise what is a best way to connect and control a RGBICC led strip please?

Specifically, I was hoping that I could use the Govee RGBIC led strips: Govee RGBIC Strip Lights - Color-Changing Lights – UK-GOVEE due to it's good reviews and affordability.

With previous led strips ( Dual white & single colour ) I have cut the supplied plug off and connected them to hubitat via third party controller: Amazon.co.uk and it seems to work ok.

By connecting the RGBIC I'd like to be able to set up automations such as to turn on / increase the brightness when motion is detected, change colour based on the time of the day etc.
For the "fancy" scenes, I would prefer to continue to use the Govee app ( assuming this would be much easier than within hubitat? ).

I've no idea how to achieve the above? Any suggestions?
I've looked at the topic with the Govee driver, but it seems RGBIC is not supported.


You can find the Govee driver in Hubitat Package manager.

Thanks for the speedy response!

I didn't think the RGBIC were easily supported through Hubitat though?
I've tried searching the driver thread and it seems that the serial number H6144 is not supported - unless I am mistaken of course?

The govee driver is pretty broad. It should work. No harm in trying it. If it doesn't, maybe you can get the author to add support. They're usually pretty receptive

Ah, perfect!

So just to get that clear in my head - In order for this to work, I would:

  1. Connect the light strip via it's original power source and leave the wifi / bluetooth controller in place.
  2. Integrate it with hubitat via the driver you mentioned ( providing it works )

This would then give me the ability to trigger the light on/off via an external motion sensor, but the colours & brightness would have to be set via the app?

Sorry for the perhaps dumb questions!

Thanks again

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No you can set colors and what not via hubitat. The driver understands the colors

Perfect, thank you.
I've ordered a strip to try, will report back.

Thanks again!

Worked a treat, thank you!

The only thing I can't set up is the IC function of the strip, I am assuming this is not supported?

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I'm looking at trying these. I have a couple questions, what is the IC function? And (other than that) how are they working with your hub? I'm thinking under bed motion activated night lighting, and possibly something with a community app to monitor the waste drawer of a litter robot.

The community driver is at

You can check the list of supported devices to know if the device you are getting ready to buy is supported by Govee's cloud Api or there newly deployed Lan API.

RGBIC just means the pixels or group of pixels can be controlled independently. This allows you to create animations on the strip. There are a few examples of that on that thread. Unfortunately scenes are not supported by the API.

That said the driver can 1. Turn the strip on/off. 2. Set the level/brightness of a device. 3. Set the color. 4. Set the strip to a color temp. If thr device supports lan control you can also fad over time.

If you have any questions about the integration let me know.

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The above post isn't 100% accurate anymore. We have managed to add what Govee Calls scenes, or light effects to the driver as well now for LAN controlled devices.

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I set this up today with the latest package and can send commands to my RGBID floor lamp. Now to operationalize.

What is the recommended path for calling [Govee] effects within [Hubitat] scenes? I realize I could have a virtual switch trigger a rule that sends the effects code, but it seems like there's gotta be a better way so that I don't have a separate rule and virtual device for every effect, DIY, etc that I want access to. I'm probably missing something simple.

I had another use ask something similar recently. From what I can tell the Groups and Scenes app in Hubitat isn't really designed for animated Light Effects. For that reason it will be a hack job no matter how you look at it.

If you are wanting to use the "Groups and Scenes" app because you have other light devices in the scene then you could simply create the scene with all of the other light devices and let the virtual device be created. Then create a RM rule to trigger from that light device and send the appropriate command to your Govee Devices. There will be a slight delay in activation, but that can't really be avoided unfortunately.