RGB colors for AQI?

I recently included an Ecowitt WH43 Air Sensor. Now I'm thinking it would be kind of cool to have it set it up so that when the AQI is certain levels, a RGB bulb would illuminate the appropriate colors (White= Good, Yellow = Moderate, etc.) . What would be the best way to do something like this? just a if then else rule? Or should i see if i can find an actual integration or app for this? For the EcoWitt stuff i am using @sburke781 's great EcoWitt and Wittboy Weather Stations and Sensors (local) app. any ideas? Thanks !

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I would think it would be relatively easy to setup a required expression to limit when the light will come on, then just a set of triggers you want and some conditions to drive the actions you want to have happen (different colours). You could set it up as separate rules if you wanted, to remove the need for multiple triggers with similar conditions defined inside.