Reverting to Ikea Tradfri Signal Repeater Driver

As an experiment, I switched my Ikea Tradfri Signal Repeat driver to community created Zigbee - Generic Repeater (with Presence) for the additional capabilities. It didn't really do anything for me so I have switched back to the built-in Ikea Tradfri Signal Repeater. Now I am getting the following in my logs.

That driver doesn't have Configure as an option to push after switching drivers so I then switched to Device driver, hit Configure, then switched back to correct built-in driver but am still getting errors.

Any thoughts? Should I just re-pair?

I forget, does the generic "device" driver have a command to clear scheduled jobs? I would guess ping is getting called on a schedule, so clearing that may stop the error.

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I had to use Markus cleaner tool when I did a similar thing with his drivers. They are very persistent, and clearing these using the tool was the only thing that worked. It was on his Github, but I am not sure where to find it now.

It does not but your suggestion inspired me to go back to Community driver and see what I can turn off there because I hadn't do so previously. I disabled the presence detection and check in then saw a Stop Schedules command button so I pushed that too. Then, switched back to the built-in driver. It's only been a few minutes but so far so good. Thank you.


Actually, it does - but I proibably didn't explain it well enough. This is the command I was thinking of. You get this when you change the device type to "device". The "device" type is handy for clearing out jobs or child devices that are left over from other drivers.



This command is part of the 2.2.4 release, it's not available in platform versions prior to 2.2.4...


I don't have that option on mine.


Thanks Mike, I didn't even think about that.

I'll go put myself in the penalty box. lol


It looks like i posted at same time as @mike.maxwell. :grinning:

Shame on you @JasonJoel!!!!! :grinning:

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I agree. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: And I'm usually careful about that stuff. SIGH. Getting sloppy I guess.

Regardless, glad you got it fixed. Sorry for the confusion caused on my part.

Just write a few drivers as penance.

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