Restrictions based on month

I'm using @Cobra 's Weather Switch to trigger a TTS message when the wind gusts rise above 35 km/h so we're reminded to lower the patio umbrella in the summer and secure anything that might blow around.

In the Winter this would be an unnecessary notification, since gusts will regularly exceed that and there's nothing left out to worry about at that time of year. However, I can only restrict time and day of the week as far as I'm aware. Is there anything that has been ported or could be ported to activate a virtual switch based on months of the year?

[Edit] I have accomplished this with IFTTT, Google Calendar and four RM triggers to turn off a virtual switch relating to the previous season, but if there's a solution that doesn't need the cloud, that's really what I'm looking for.


I would also like to be able to create rules that are restricted by month.

I have a few smart switches that could do double duty connected to dehumidifiers in the summer, and humidifiers in the winter.

It would be nice to create one rule that controls a switch in a certain manner during the summer months, and another rule for the winter months. Then I can restrict each rule to run only in the appropriate months.

I've got a few rules that are seasonal. To keep them in I created virtual summer/winter switches and added them as conditions to the rules. It's not automated but I figure I can handle throwing a virtual switch every six months.

You want all the good stuff! :slight_smile:

I was looking for something similar

I’ve just started work on a ‘scheduled switch’ app that you can configure to turn a switch on/off at a certain time on a certain date (using cron expressions if they work ok)
I plan to use this for spring/summer/autumn/winter switching

There is already a switch restriction in ‘weather switch’ so I think this could be used together to achieve what you want


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Lucky for me, you code good stuff!


Anyone want to try this?

As always - happy to hear about any bugs or suggestions of improvements



I wrote another app a long time ago for ST that will only allow one switch on in a group (of up to 6 if I remember correctly) switches to be on at any one time
If you turn one switch on, it turns any other switch off
E.g turn on summer and it turns off spring (and makes sure autumn & winter are off too)

I forget why I wanted 6 but it will work with fewer.
I’ll port that over as I’ll be using it for my ‘seasons’ switches
Let me know if you might find it useful and I’ll throw it on github



Nice. I would find that “four rules” worth of usefulness :wink:

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Will try later this evening. Thanks.

It’s after midnight here so I’ll get it ported and posted sometime tomorrow for you.
I’ll let you know when it’s done.



Thanks Andy. No rush. Summer’s not over yet!

Excellent! Works exactly as expected.

Is this August 3 schedule temporary for the alpha?

I’m glad it works ok for you too.

The other schedule is mine!
This is something that I’m adding to ALL my apps and drivers (as we don’t have github integration yet)
The app checks one of my servers once every week to see if there is an app update.
If there is an update, it will show in the logs and in the app under ‘status’ .
If you are using the latest version nothing will show.
If I have updated it, it will show ‘There is an update available’

This does NOT collect any data from your system - It just reads a json file on my server and compares the version numbers.

If you want to look at the json file, have a look here:



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try this to get rid of your 4 RM rules :slight_smile:

At the moment it is stand-alone but I am toying with the idea of including it in the 'Scheduled Switch' parent (after a rename of the parent)

I have a number of these little switch apps and might pull them all together under one parent.


Thanks Andy.

I had the exact same thought when you mentioned it, but I didn't want to ask for too much! :grin:
Should have guessed you would have already been thinking of the same thing.


I might have known :slight_smile:

OK.. I need a name..

'Simply Switching'?

Or do I carry on the theme from my other apps?

'Switch Central'

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I like Switch Central

Ok, we'll go with that then :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, you might need to recreate the current children if you have already done them

I might add one 2 many into it also - Just to pull everything together

This works great! Four RM rules now removed.

I'm not asking for this, but what if you were able to select all of the switches at once and have them auto-populate the switch fields. Or select all the switches you wanted, and automatically create child apps for each, allowing an unlimited number of switches?

I've only setup one, as you were very clear this wasn't completed. :wink:

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