Responses are missing from posts

Is it me or are some of the posts that are being responded to are missing the responses?

Update, I cannot see the post on Edge, but Chrome is fine...

Edge: Version 107.0.1418.62 (Official build) (64-bit)
Chrome: Version 108.0.5359.73 (Official Build) (64-bit)

On Windows 11.

Try either holding Shift-CTRL while refreshing, or an InPrivate window. Could be some sort of caching issue.

Thanks, I did that prior to posting and nothing changed, I also shut down the browser, and no change, I plan to reboot when I have a moment, I just found it odd and didn't know if anyone else was having this issue. Oh, I tried incognito and it works fine just not on normal browsing.

Why today are my topics/comments/messages like this?

Failed to download a CSS file, maybe? Try a forced refresh (Shift-Ctrl-R, I think?) or a different browser.

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Same issue here: Responses are missing from posts - #3 by william2

@bobbyD ?

Super odd. There have been no updates on the community platform side that might have broken the CSS. Likely the update was on the browser side. What operating system and/or browser. I cannot replicate on any of my devices.

Using Firefox here and all is good.

I edited my first post and added Windows 11. However, not sure what version of windows 11 as I'm not near my desk at the moment.

Try Firefox (

Windows 11 here, no issues with Edge or Chrome, in Light or Dark theme. This is super odd...

Just returned back from work. I'm going to reboot my system and see if that clears it.
but 1st this is what it looks like in Edge after killing the browser.

And still odd after the reboot, zero change.

@2ac16mo does yours work properly now, if so what did you do?

not sure if this helps anyone, but here is the console errors

MS Edge just updated to 108.0.1462.42 (Official build) (64-bit), but no change.

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Back to normal operation - didn't do anything. Healed itself.

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Thanks for those. That is something I could look into it.

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I just wanted to report back that Edge thus far has not healed, I still can not see the member's post. I'm using Chrome so I'm not loosing out :laughing:

I fear you have lost your edge . . .


Along with my hair


There was an issue posted recently about the shutdown and reboot options in the Settings screen for the HE hub not working on Edge in Win 11. The issue appeared to be an Ad blocking plugin stopping a confirmation pop-up from appearing.

Bit of a stretch, but could that be playing a part here at all?

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