[RESOLVED] How can I transfer a subscription from one hub to another? (Part Deux)

The prior thread with the same title was incorrectly marked "solved" when it was not solved.

The C-7 at issue was replaced by Hubitat when the C-4 died. But the subscription did not get xfered to the C-7, and it was renewed for the C-4.

So, an error was made when the replacement C-7 was shipped.

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I would think a subscription covers the hub that subscription was purchased for, Nonetheless, the best place to report that would be through the support portal, under subscriptions - linked below.

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The subscription was purchased for the C-4, it died, and Hubitat replaced it with a C-7, as I paid extra for the newer model rather than another C-4. As said in the other thread, when this happens, the subscription is moved to the new machine, but in this case, that was overlooked.

Then Hubitat auto-renewed the subscription for a machine that they had replaced under warranty. I assumed that these details would be taken care of by the people profiting from the deal, and did not think I had to chase anyone in "support" about that.

So, I would think that a subscription covers WHATEVER YOU JUST BOUGHT, not the machine you reported dead. Call me old-fashioned...

Presumably, you also purchased a subscription for the C-7, unless off course you paid full retail price for the C-7? Otherwise, I would presume it was discounted as a warranty replacement for a warranty purchased on a C-4.

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Human errors can and will happen. The difference between a human error and a machine error, is in the ability to rectify the problem. As mentioned in your other post, the solution is to send us a reminder via private message or support.hubitat.com, and we will transfer the service for you.


Found your Hub Protect case from June 2021, and transferred the service to your C7.


Actually the staff can close threads when they believe there is a reason to. It’s their prerogative since they host the site.

Although as Bobby explained, that’s not why your last thread on this topic was closed.

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No you paid for hardware replacement. The c4 is not produced anymore so you got a C7. You did not pay EXTRA for a c7. You paid what we all do when we get Hub Protect. Your hub protect was used, it's a one shot per device thing. Now you need to get hub protect on the new one.


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No, I am sorry, Mr. Lithgow, but I was offered both a C4 refurb and a new C7. The refurb C4 would have been free, the C7 was an "upgrade" and an extra fee WAS PAID.
Further, the "Hub Protect" contract renewed automagically (one of the more reliable parts of Hubitat "home automation"), so I was billed for the subsequent year AND PAID FOR the renewal, which was improperly applied to the wrong Hub.

They've fixed it by now, but the record should be corrected for anyone facing the same issue in the future.

For users looking to transfer their subscriptions from one hub to another, please check out this post:

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