[RESOLVED] Gmail account users not receiving verification emails

UPDATE: this issue has been resolved. If users continue to have problems not receiving verification emails and/or emails arrive in the spam folder, please let us know by visiting the following page:

We have received an increased number of reports in recent weeks from users not receiving emails from our verification service provider when creating new accounts or requesting password resets.

In our investigation we have identified that this issue occurs with accounts that have enabled Google's new security feature called "Enhanced Security" (in Chrome Settings). This new feature is also referred to as "Advanced Protection Program". The algorithm that Google uses to protect emails against phishing, effectively blocks the verification messages without notifying us or the user that the email was rejected.

If you are not receiving verification emails, please disable the Advanced Protection then request a new verification code.

We hope that Google will fine tune their program in the future, so that legitimate emails are allowed to be delivered to their destination without forcing users to disable features that are meant to protect them.

For more details about this new program, and to learn how to disable this feature, please visit the following page: