[Resolved] C-7 logs use device names, instead of labels?


I noticed with my new C-7 that on the logs page the array of device links at the top (that you click to filter) is showing Device "Names", rather than Device "Labels". This makes it hard to use the logs when you're not sure which "Generic Zigbee Contact Sensor" is the one you are troubleshooting (just for eg).

Is there a log display option I'm overlooking?
Is this a bug?
Am I failing to follow a best practice by doing my device descriptive text in the label field rather than the name? (Name tends to be auto-populated with the driver name, so usually leave it alone)

My existing C-3 hub uses device labels for this, so there's definitely different behavior between the two hubs, both running

That does seem odd.

Can you share a screenshot?

Sure ...


That does seem strange.
I'm not seeing that.
I loaded a backup from my C3 on to my C7.
Not sure if that is why I'm seeing different to you.

Does seem like a weird one.
fwiw, I've not restored a backup, am treating the C-7 as an entirely separate/new/clean system.

Are you just seeing this issue?

Or to summarize: with live logs, after a page refresh, you could see the current device "display name" (label if you have one, name if you don't). If the logs have been opened since the device was joined, you'll see that until a refresh. In past logs, however, I believe the oldest display name will still be in use until those entries are cleared. If that's where you're looking--and it appearance you are from the screenshot--it would explain why and will eventually show the newer name.

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I don't think that's the situation. I have been setting device labels during their join process, the hub has been rebooted a number of times and the log page refreshed many times...as well as viewed via different browsers on different devices.

But does it happen with live logs? Your screenshot is of past logs, which will remain that way until old entries get purged (some kilobyte limit I can't remember and also might not happen until overnight maintenance regardless).

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Hah - Good point!
It actually was that issue ... Like a fool, I forgot that I was also going around turning off device logging for many of the items after initially adding and being satisfied they worked correctly. So there weren't new events to show, hence the use of past logs just to see anything.

Makes sense, in its weird way. Thanks @bertabcd1234 for digging up that link.


This happened to me, with live logs, on a newly paired device. Reboot... no change. Ignored it... fixed itself a day later.

(C5 with Iris v2 door sensor.)

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