Device name not changing in logs display

I renamed a zigbee motion sensor, but in the logs it is still appearing under the old name. I tried rebooting but that didn't fix the issue. in devices it has the correct name.

when I say name I am referring to the device label field.

Any way to fix this

Are you expecting 'time-machine' behavior?

Logs already written won't get re-written.

Screen Shot 2020-07-04 at 2.34.38 PM

I renamed this device between those two messages.
The 2nd message (after rename) is 'correct'

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I'm not sure if it's related but I did notice when changing the label on a device the same detail didn't change in the state info for the device in the device page, even after saving and re-opening the device page.

Not sure whether this could GE driver specific or a more common thing. I was updating a Harmony activity.

Refresh the Logs page (which starts it over) after changing the name.

first I don't expect to change the past I'm not an idiot

Specifically I am referring to the filter buttons when you say show past logs

I see now that rebooting doesn't start a new maybe what I need to do is clear the log file - nope that just clears the page not the log....

Are you sure that you hit Save Device on the device page after you changed the name?

When you refresh the Log page, it starts over, and it will pick up the changed name. I'm not talking about Past Logs.

OK I see whats happening now
view past logs - showing old name
current log - shows new name

reboot does not clear logs
clear log only clears current not past logs

There is a difference between the Clear button on the Logs page, and refreshing the page. The former does not change the filters at the top, while the latter does.

Also, "Clear Logs" only clears the screen (i.e., displayed log entries) but doesn't erase the actual log history. I'm not aware of any way to do that manually--only waiting for the automatic pruning, which limits the past logs to a certain byte size, I think as part of overnight maintenance.

If my memory is correct, those ("Past Logs") also take the oldest display name still in use, which would explain what you see. They'll eventually update, but it seems that you'll need to wait for any entries with older names to get pruned first.


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