Reset Energy Monitor count?

I'm using the GE Z-Wave Plus 40-Amp Indoor/Outdoor Metal Box Smart Switch with @brianwilson's modified driver to monitor an outdoor pump. Because I'm using it to move storm overflow, the switch is set to on and the pump triggers from its own float switch. I'd like to use the energy or power state to trigger an alert that the pump is on. In testing for a week, I've seen the energy monitor increase but no power state increase. I wrote a rule that then triggers a notification when the energy monitor notes in excess of .500. It works, but the monitor appears to be cumulative, meaning that the energy monitor has to be reset to 0 after triggering, otherwise the notification triggers every refresh period. I can reset the monitor in the device profile, but haven't found a way to modify the rule to reset it (say 60 minutes after the increase). Am I missing a rule function that may simplify the task? This is only my fifth device deployed, and my first energy monitor.

I do plan on testing the power monitor this weekend to see if the driver is bugged or if my switch just doesn't relay that info.



Just looking at the driver (which took me a while to find--assuming I got the right one), does the "Reset" command do what you want? If so, you can use that in Rule Machine--just use a "Custom Action" (see the docs for List of Actions if you're not sure where to find it), choose any capability this device implements (e.g., switch, power meter, etc.) so that you're able to select it, and choose reset() as the command.

That's the right driver. If I hit reset from the device profile, the energy meter resets. I wrote a quick rule to test it, will update the post if it works. Thanks for the help!