Reset C8, start from scratch

Hi I'm very new to the HE platform. Recently purchased a C8. What do I need to do to reset the C8 so I can rebuild with a clean slate. I'm coming from the Vera platform, which is pretty much plug and play. What I'm learning is the HE platform takes a little more finesse and the Zwave network is extremely delicate. Had some issues (TLDR below) that have me to the point to returning the C8. But I'd like to give it another chance with a clean slate. Thanks!!

TLDR version,
I recently purchased a C8, coming from the Vera Platform. My home automation system is very small. Just a few Zwave devices. I slowly transitioned my devices to the C8, about 1 a night. Things were working well.

After a few days, (at this point I only had 4-5 devices connected to the C8) the system was very slow to respond in the morning. By afternoon response was a little faster, but not what I would call back to normal. By evening my the evening automations would run ok and things seemed to be back to normal.

The next morning it would be back to very slow response.

I started removing devices and drivers. Last one added, first one to be removed. No improvement.

I noticed a high amount of zwave ghost devices. At one point around 75.

I may have been a little too impatient at this point. I did a soft reset, and reset the zwave radio hoping to be starting with a clean slate.

I tried to add just one device, a Minoston dimmer outlet. The C8 would not add it. I did a factory reset of the outlet and the C8 still will not add it.

But by morning I'd have about 30-50 ghost devices.

I've returned all my devices back to the Vera and all are working as expected.

What am I doing wrong? What should I be doing differently?
I think I may have not done the Zwave inclusion/exclusion properly.
Is this an issue related to the C8 being so new and I should wait for things to settle down with new firmware?

Currently I've done a Zwave radio reset, a soft reset, shutdown and unplugged the C8 from mains power. Anything else I should do before I try again?


The key is to take it slow. After removing a device from Vera, I would use the exclude function in Hubitat to make sure that the device is completely unpaired. Then include it. Start with mains power devices first. Start with the device closest to the hub and work your way outward in a circle. After pairing each device, make sure that the routing table looks good and that the device functions from the device page before moving on to the next one. Pair your battery powered devices last. Any device that gives the option to pair with no security, select the no security option, except for entry related devices (locks, garage door opener, that sort of thing).

If you have sensors (power, temp, humidity), be sure to throttle back their reporting frequency, if the driver gives the option to. Some can get quite chatty.


If you'd like to start over, follow steps 1-4 in this post:


@Tom415 If you haven't seen it, take a gander at this. it will help you avoid some gotchas and make setup much smoother.


@rlithgow1 for me this should be standard reading for many people moving into home automation. I moved to Hubitat about 6 months ago after about 10 years on Indigo (Mac) and 4 on Vera before that were all Z-Wave.
Hubitat is very different in its presentation but the underlying rules of operation of Zigbee and Z-Wave are the same. Just lobbing this stuff in cause pain further on. (Experience :joy: )
I did that with my first 2 c7’s and all was fine. No it wasn’t. I had about 5 ghost devices from pairing impatience. Didn’t really notice them and a few days later mesh was running like a dog with 3 legs. Getting rid of them was almost impossible so went down the route of using an Aeon USB zwave device and S.W. Cleared them out and instant karma.

Also environment. Look at what your device has to transmit through to get to its next nodes or hub. Particularly Zigbee. Higher frequency so less distance. Double glazing was my nemesis. Especially good quality like Pilkington that has coatings to reflect solar radiation. Bounces radio waves off it like pee off a cling filmed toilet bowl.
Great link to useful information. Wish I had read it earlier.