@jtp10181, I got 14 Zooz ZEN34 remote switches and was playing around with one. Unfortunately, the advanced driver by Zooz only uses attributes to access buttons 5-10 making it impossible to use the HE Buttons App.

The recommended way to program the ZEN34 at this time in Hubitat is via the Rule Machine. At the moment, you'll only be able to use the button controller features of the device since direct association is not available on Hubitat yet.

At this time, there are no plans to update the driver as we have not had any requests. If we receive enough of a response, then we will look into revising the code.

Fair enough. So, I'm going to return 13 of them. :frowning:

Their advanced driver is required to access buttons 5+, but also loses some interface and config. Just as an example, the built in HE driver has info and debug logging, but the advanced driver only has one option that turns on all info AND debug.

Do you think you'd be able to work your magic in creating a driver or integrating the ZEN34 into one of your existing drivers? I'm more than happy to send you one! :grin: I do have an extra bakers dozen of them! :smiley:

I wrote one for this device a while back, which works as you describe:


If that one posted above is not sufficient for some reason let me know. I do already own one and could make a driver for it.

24 hours and a whole lot of button presses and your driver is working exactly as expected. This is the driver that that should be default and the one Zooz should have provided.

Thank you!

I would request that you put this up on HPM or at the very least make a post that makes it easy to find as a community driver. I wish I would have found your driver with earlier searches for "zen34" in the forums.

Thank you again!

The driver by Robert works just right. I've marked it as the solution. Thank you for the offer. By the way, I tagged you because I use nearly all of the drivers you have for Zooz.

Never bothered with putting in HPM since it's easy to install (one file) and rarely updated, but not a bad idea for discoverability...

That being said, Hubitat would never build in a driver like this, with theirs intentionally maxing out at double taps and not liking the "button math" thing that we have to do to get usable events out of the full gamut of device functionality. :slight_smile: I believe Zooz may have commissioned the driver they recommended, or at least that author is fairly prolific and has done quite a few of these on ST and HE.

EDIT: Driver has now been posted here and is also available in HPM: