[REQUEST] Homey integration

Before my Hubitat, there were others. One of them was the Homey from Athom.
Since I got my Hubitat, my Homey has been standing and collection dust, waiting for a moment to be put to use again. But this hasn't happened.

One day searching for a use I found this for, what seems like, local control.
Could this be used to make 2-way communication with Hubitat so that one could utilize the built-in radios in the Homey?

Well you could use MQTT..

And a community based MQTT app..

Edit: They Homey also has an MQTT client so you could go the other way I guess...

Here is an integration with Node-RED as well:

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MQTT beta 3e - which is available 'on request' from me would work for you - covering typical and basic devices. More complex ones might need more setup.

Homey can publish in both homie 3.0 and HA Discovery formats - the MQTT app can import both in the beta 3e version although I would recommend the latter.

For the reverse Homey can also import in both these formats and again the HA Discovery format will work best for you.

The HE MQTT app can also handle 'adhoc' devices that just use their own arbitrary topics. This is more fiddly to set up but is also an option for you.

You must not use the available Homey app for an MQTT server as it does not support retained topics. You could use the inbuilt radios in both HE and Homey should you wish.


I got on your beta 3e i while back, and just installed it again to see if it had improved.
last time I tried i couldn't get buttons to work from Homey, but that was more due to the way Homey implement buttons rather than your app.
Now though i can't even get the MQTT app to connect to the broker using 3e:

[dev:812] 2021-09-07 16:13:40.061 [error] java.lang.NullPointerException: null (method parse)

Which is why I thought that a proper native app focused on Homey and it's capabilities would be better than force something together with MQTT.

Not a known issue…and there are a lot of beta testers. You updated app and client ?

Is dev812 the MQTT client?

Yes a dedicated Homey app might be much easier for users. It probably should be written on Homey though using Maker API

Yes I did. It even says so when I use MQTT Explorer.

Got a new one after i restarted both the Homey and Hubitat:

[dev:812] 2021-09-07 16:29:00.111 [error] java.lang.NullPointerException: null on line 392 (method parse)

The Homey MQTT Hub app seems to set all devices not allowed to be used with MQTT to a null state. Devices are shown but reporting null when not activated.

dev812 is the child device.

I’ll be home soon and I’ll PM you but I am unsure of the issue. I’ll have my Homey connected so I’ll double check. You get this error immediately rather than when you try discovery I assume?

Your earlier post says you can’t get the new 3e version to connect to the broker. But it must be doing so to see these in Explorer

Talk via PM shortly.. will get you going ..