Request for more rule organizing options


I would like to make a request for more organization options in RM. it would, for example, be great to have folders you could send rules to. So if I drop down the parent app, I could see sub folders with categories of rules in them. Lighting, climate, etc.

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Not disputing the value of such a feature - in the meantime, since rules are sorted alphabetically, you could always prefix the rule name with your desired folder, e.g. Lighting - outside lights


Thanks! Yes, this is how I currently organize.

I think it is @lewis.heidrick that uses emojis to organize his rules. It might be his devices instead but he definitely uses/used emojis.

I thought that was a great idea.


I use them on my devices. A lot of apps use the device name in the app name so they show up there too. Some of the apps you name manually I have to put them in there but I usually just copy whatever emoji I need from another app or device.

I used for picking emoji to use.


That’s cool. It understands when you out emoji before the device how to organize based off that emoji?



This is brilliant! .... I'm off to rename all my rules

Does it have to look up the emojis online in order to display them?

@Inge_Jones No

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Plus one on the folders idea.

Coming from Homeseer, it allows rules to be organized into folders. Definitely more helpful than a list of rules sorted alphabetically. I would say this is much more efficient than adding emojis, which is a bit of a hack. Another option is to tag rules and then be able to filter on tag.

If I ever get around to it, I'd like to take this a step further and group together different apps and devices that are related, allowing for multiple layouts for different purposes...

This is also similar to some of the Homeseer functionality. For example I can search for all events triggered by a specific device. Also with add-ons I can look for all events that contain certain devices, etc. This "topic" based approach makes it really easy to hunt through rules. But starting with some simple grouping - folders, tags, etc. would go a long way.

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