REQUEST: access to Zigbee "Last message" field

@bravenel It would be great to have access to the "Last message" field shown in the Zigbee Details "Zigbee Radio Devices" chart as an attribute to each individual device. If I'm understanding the meaning of that column correctly, it could be useful in determining if a device has dropped off the network or otherwise stopped responding. Thanks!

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That's a time string. If an app subscribes to the device's events, it would get that information from each event in the date field. The last event would line up with "Last message". In RM the %time% value is this time portion of the string (assuming the rule is listening to the device's events with a trigger), and %date% is the date portion.

It's also available in, where "Last message" is the last

This app in our public repo examines the last of a list of devices, in order to provide notification of those that have not reported in the past day. This could be modified for other similar purposes:

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It doesn't seem to be working that way for me.

For example, this device:

...has a "Last Message" of just after 5 PM, while:

Screenshot 2023-06-12 at 17-05-09 (~ unused Back Hall N wall center)

...both the "Last Activity" and the most recent entry on the Events screen for that device are both around 4:30.

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The answer is we don't have a mechanism in the hub to pass those times to apps, only the device events.

OK, thanks. Already got a screen-scraper roughed in.

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@bravenel "Last Activity At" has always been available to Hubitat custom apps - this is the device.lastActivity property.

Isn't it possible to add into the HE platform the same way a new 'device.lastMessage' ?

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