Report showing all battery statuses

This is my downfall, I didn't record anything. lol. So I have no clue other then what the sensors report.

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it's rare - but some drivers actually are logging the battery - somehow. The GEneric Zigbee Motion driver for example:

Recently I was installing a Linkind motion sensor using a User driver - it was using a 'Battery Changed:" attribute (doing this from recollection). So foundationally it's possible but numerous drivers would need to begin getting updates to battery date/state routines. Thats a lot of drivers to finger.

I've seen that before in a few drivers. Is that the time the battery was last out? That in Seconds?

You may also want to look at Device Watchdog.


Yep, I current use that one, it works great! But I have lost track of how often I am replacing batteries in what device.

Yeah, it has been requested before to be able to record custom info against devices, including date / time of battery replacement. Best I can suggest is to look at recording details in something like InfluxDB on a rpi and look for large changes in the positive direction in terms of the battery level, I e. using something like Grafana.

Alternatively you may be able to detect it in a rule and record the changes in a local file....

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I manually update a Google sheet.

I got fancy and applied some conditional formatting to color some values.


Sounds like an app to me!
I like your google sheets - sure'd be nice if HE allowed storing bin files. What about doing Post events to the sheet from a Rule? Could write a rule that gets trigger on low battery event - which fires a message or email and the sets a date change to the sheet?

That has been my experience as well. Battery reporting is mostly useless, not just with Hubitat.


This post shows how to do it from a Rule: HOWTO Add rows directly to Google Sheets
And this does it in a custom app: Activity monitor - logs in google sheets

If you are on Android, I recommend [RELEASE] Hubitat Dashboard - Android dashboard app - #1788 by jpage4500


Agree. Amazing app...

I'm already a huge fan of @jpage4500 and his Android Dashboard!
I recognize the OP posted about showing battery status - and there are a number of solves for this as other community members have posted - The real need I still have is the battery management. There currently is no way that I know of to have HE track the battery itself. Seeing the model, the last change date... even if not 'dynamically' posting to Google sheets is a start point. Problem of course is it's external - that's a bummer.
Like I learned about hosting Icons for drivers and apps I write, things break when outside the hub. A local server for storage - like the BlueIris or others and their rPi's etc... but the concept is sound!

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110% agree. The developer is a community member and very skilled and fast at improving the app. I dare say it is the "best" dashboard.
Huge kudos to @jpage4500


I use Home Assistant to monitor battery status. HA not only reports the battery status it also shows the last update time.

Screen Shot 2021-12-09 at 4.40.30 PM

I use the native HE Notifications app to let me know if a battery drops below a certain level, Im using 40%, If any are lower I get a notification, Easy to set up.

I have this setup for text notifications as well, but have found levels fluctuate significantly over time.

To keep track of the last time the battery was changed might be programmatically pretty simple (based on my simple, non-programmatic brain).

One approach: Battery reporting app stores/displays the date/time when the battery last changed from any value at or below 50% ("old" battery) up to 90% or more ("new" battery).

This would miss when you change one old battery for another old battery, but you can't have everything. :slight_smile:

Using 50% > 90% as the "it's been replaced" parameters would capture when a battery is replaced early for some reason (going on vacation), or the new battery isn't quite as new as you thought/hoped.

The lower and upper limits could also be user settings in the battery monitoring app to match up better w/individual battery replacement habits.

The rest is up to you, @kahn-hubitat. My work is done here. :wink:

The app.doesnt store anything it.just queries devices. It would be a major change to store be in.a file on the hub.

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