Replacing Devices Without Breaking Rules?

As I am getting my new HE network going, I have experienced some device problems, (dead, etc.) and have also replaced a number of devices with newer Plus devices. The problem I am experiencing is that when I replace a device, via Exclusion or forced Exclusion, it breaks any RM rule that previously included that device.

Is there some better way to replace a device without having to rebuild the Rule that previously included that same device?

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Add the new device to your network. Then edit your rule and insert the new device where the old device reference was. They you can remove your old device and your rule will be intact.


Don't forget to edit the existing device scrolling down to the "In Use By" section to confirm everywhere that will need updating. It's easy to forget a dashboard, notifier, simple automation, etc.

A few times I needed to factory reset a device so I created a virtual device replacing all instances of my device to reset with the virtual one - basically a place holder. I then excluded, reset, re-join, then put the newly re-joined device back in where the virtual device was reserving its place.

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I like habitat, but this is a process that needs major improvement. I’m not sure why this whole song-and-dance couldn’t be automated by introducing a “replace” procedure.


This is what I usually do. Fewest steps, as you only have to edit the rule/automation one time, to add your new device and remove the old device.

This helps make it easier. Scroll to the bottom of the device page for the device you're replacing, and you'll see a list of all the automations/button controllers, etc., places where you're using the device you're replacing. You can click on those links to take you directly to the apps to edit them.

You can also replace the device (physically) and wait some time while doing a zwave repair on the device. After some time and a number of zwave repairs you will get the option to replace the device if you have the old device unpowered.

I’m surprised no one mentioned this.

Oh. Probably limited to the C7 hub

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Agreed. This is a big gap. This way I could replace with a virtual device, exclude the old/faulty device, and then replace again with the new device. Updating firmware, having to factory reset to resolve issues, or switching protocols can also require exclusion/inclusion. It is still very tedious to do this if the device is associated with many complex rules.

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I too, would really like to see this process greatly improved.

Was under the impression that this method would not keep the rules intact but I tested and things seem to work fine. Thanks for the nudge. Had to do a factory reset on a flakey switch and this did the trick. Of course, the key step was to not exclude it first.

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Clone the rule. It lets you substitute devices


Thanks. This looks like a handy way to eliminate most of the grunt work.

Hoped that I could use this method to switch a device from S0 to S2 but no luck. It will "replace" with the same security protocol, just fyi to whoever.

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We had a power outage the other day due to a thunderstorm and 2 of my 2017 vintage GE switches failed with constant blue light blinking. Fortunately with GE/Jasco's 5 year warranty they are being replaced for free.

To keep my rules and hub mesh in tact (YMMV so be careful and make a backup prior to doing this)

  • I paired the replacement switch and gave it a similar name plus "temp"
  • Then pulled up the old device and new "temp" device in two separate browser tabs.
  • I updated the old device's Device Network Id to the new Device Network Id but don't click Save Device just yet.
  • Then updated the new "temp" switch to the old Device Network Id plus a extra temporary character since this must be unique and saved this device. Take note of this Device ID so you can use it second to last step below.
  • Then save click Save Device on the old device with rules that now has the new ID
  • You can test to ensure that the switch does turn on via commands
  • Then back on the "temp" device that has the old device network ID with the extra character, remove that extra character and Save Device
  • Click Remove Device and force remove
  • In Settings \ Zwave Details, find the old device (it won't have a device listed) and click refresh or repair to make it fail.
  • Click Remove once that button appears and you should be good.

Thanks. This worked and allowed me to switch the device to S2.

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At this step with the arow should I Remove the temp device?

This step is when you are on the temp device and clicking the Remove button will remove the temp device. You will still need to go back to the zwave settings to remove the "ghost" entry.

perfect. Thanks

will this steps work if I have a unresposive decice, and I wanto re include it and then replace the original entry device at my system?

I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

I did this procedure last week for a switch that after a firmware flash I could not get back in using "replace", someone else had posted it before and I remembered and tried it out. Worked great.