Replacement for Motion Sensors for New Hubitat

Just ordered my HE, and excited. Originally a strong IRIS user, then after their demise, migrated to Vera 3 yrs ago. Never been happy, but things work most of the times. However, now that I'm jumping to Hubitat, I will need to find new motion sensors (3), to replace the current ones on Vera, 345MHz, PIR by 2GIG. Hubitat doesn't support the wireless Would certainly appreciate recommendations for the best, most dependable motion sensors on the market today. I don't have pets,
Thanks in advance!

Check out this thread where fellow users discussed recent favorites:

Everyone has different preferences, but there you can see some sensors many like and why. That being said, anything listed here, if you haven't seen it, will also work: List of Compatible Devices - Hubitat Documentation

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The best choice to me are the Phillips Hue Motion Sensors. They're extremely fast to rearm, its sensitivity is adjustable, they also report illuminance and temperature with precision and their batteries are lasting almost two years untill now.


Thank you, good reading. Funny, I have several of the centralite sensors, v2 of iris, I just might try to pair those up. I have a couple Hue indoor motion sensors, love how fast they work. I appreciate the input! Michael

Thanks marcus! You are right, I have a couple Hue Motion Sensors, one in my master bath, and one in the washer/dryer room. They have been flawless, as well as fast. The one is still running on the same battery for nearly three years. Appreciate the guidance/suggestion

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I recently started using Ring Gen2 sensors and so far am very happy with them. Zooz ZSE18's have also been solid (both z wave) many claim Zigbee are faster, with Nyce being the fastest, but also most expensive.

Do this, those older Centralite and Iris sensors are among the best and most stable sensors you can find. It's a shame that the supply of them are drying up on eBay.

I also just adore the Third Reality sensors. Using AA or AAA batteries and following ZigBee specs with no lock downs is worthy of our support.


Thanks, I didn't even think that Ring sensors would work. I have three of their cameras, but no individual motion sensors. I check out the individual drivers. My HE should arrive today or tomorrow so I can start the process of transitioning. Michael

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I think the cameras may be a different deal, but I believe there is a community app or driver for them.

I have a ring range extender and 1 motion sensor. Both supported. I have a 2 pack of the motion sensors coming from Costco this week. Just remember the sensitivity setting are reverse, 1 being most sensitive and 4 being least. That was the only issue I had. Working great now!

Thanks, I appreciate the heads up!
There use to be a mobile app, out of France, that combined all hubs, cameras, sensors, etc into a nice display that you could customize. I loved it because it even brought in my camera views. But unfortunately, with COVID and other issues, they folded a couple years ago. I don't mind too much viewing 2 apps, one for ring cameras, and 1 for everything else. But it would be nice to have it all into 1 display.
Thanks again regarding the sensitivity setting on the ring sensors. Michael