Replacement device for Harmony Smart Companion/Hub ecosystem

I love my harmony stuff, and don’t mind paying elevated eBay prices to replace the remotes when they’ll buttons rub off, but at some point they are going to turn off their cloud stuff. This means no more app, no adding/updating devices, no swapping remotes, etc.

I think Caavo is dead.

I have a Sofabaton X1 still in a box, but I’ve heard it’s not a decent replacement and no Hubitat API :frowning: so I can’t dim lights, lower blinds automatically. The reviews are bad and I worry about WAF.

Any other (reasonable) options here? I’d prefer to keep cost under $200. My devices are a CEC compatible TV, 2 zone, non-networked & non-CEC home theater, Fire TV and Apple TV.

Should I just get a CEC home theater?

(The sticky/matte feel on these companion remotes are so bad. The cheaper non-companion remotes have a shine and don’t get this nasty)

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The button wear thing is a seemingly unresolvable issue if you stay on the platform, but I don't use the remotes and have multiple hubs that work really great to control my IR mini-split heat pumps and humidifiers. Per my below post, it sounds like they will keep the servers running, and I hope to be able to continue using the hubs as long as they keep to that promise!

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I kinda gave up on my Harmony (though I still have an Elite in good condition I may sell). I use Roku's so channels and what not are my triggers.

I would love to have a 20-25 button Zigbee remote. I like the dashboard remotes I made on my phone but prefer the tactile buttons of a remote like the Harmony in the photo. If there was a 20-25 button Zigbee remote, I would buy it today. The best I have found was a 12-button but 2 of the buttons sent push signal for 5 of the other buttons simultaneously. Thanks to some help here from @erktrek I was able to make those 2 buttons usable for other actions.

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Like you, I would love to have a multiple-button zigbee remote. Bonus if it looked almost exactly like the Harmony remote.

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In a similar position, with one Harmony hub/companion combo downstairs. Availability of replacement companion remotes is my main concern. FWIW I somewhat trust Logitech to keep the cloud service running for a fair while, just based on how long ago they discontinued the squeezebox line (11+ years), yet the associated cloud service is still running and AFAICT they have still been supporting some ongoing squeezebox/logitech media server development.

My Sofabaton X1 is also still in its box and not super likely to emerge - when I supported the project I understood it would have a numeric keypad. My specific use case means the lack of that makes it much less usable. I am however using a Sofabaton U1 for my living room projector setup, and while it eliminates any automation options, I find it "ok" as a remote.

I also have a spare harmony hub but without any companion remote - I might yet consider getting a spare remote from ebay for it to replace the sofabaton U1 setup...

In summary - I don't know of any very compelling alternatives either!

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I have 2 Harmony companions, hubs and remotes. Very good condition. I would consider selling them. If any one is interested I can get some pics.

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