Replace Device?

Is there any means of swapping physical devices without messing up all the automations/routines/third party integrations? I had left and right smart bulbs on my night tables that weren't the same brand so one was always annoyingly off. It's in a bunch of automations and connected to Alexa and Google home, etc. I bought a new matching bulb and ideally would be able to just change "right" to this new hardware without having to adjust all these apps and rules. Anything?

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Not on HE, ST did have a replace option

Unfortunately, there is not. You'll have to go into each app the previous device was used in, then swap it out for the new device. (Word of caution: I always like to give Alexa a bit of time to process things if I swap something out with something else with the same name: remove it from the Alexa app on the Hubitat side, hit "Done," wait a few minutes, then add my new device. The waiting might not be necessary, but I think removing it politely first helps avoid duplicates on the Alexa side and ensuing woes with "more than one device with the same name" errors on the Alexa side and trying to figure out which is the "real" one even if you get the motivation to try to fix in the Alexa mobile app.)

The good news is that this is somewhat easy: the "In use by" section on a device page tells you what apps a device is used by. (If you made a rule and then changed something in it or cloned a rule, you may see rules that claim to use a device but really don't--that's the only oddity here.) You can go through one-by-one and swap the old for the new.

On rare occasions, I use a "virtual proxy device" to avoid this problem. This is mostly with seasonal devices (holiday light outlets, etc.), where the physical device might be different next year and I don't want to go into each automation and swap things out. This takes a bit of work to set up and would be even more work with something more complicated like an RGBW bulb, and with something you use often it would also be a bit more work on the hub's side. I can't say I'd recommend this approach in general. But maybe an idea for other occasions--otherwise, hopefully this is a rare, one-time thing for you. :slight_smile:

Last time I had "real" devices paired to SmartThings, I believe this was only for Z-Wave. A "replace" function for Z-Wave nodes is required for certification, a process SmartThings underwent. Hubitat still can't do this for Z-Wave, but third-party tools could if you're desperate. Still wouldn't help with Zigbee, LAN, or other devices, unfortunately.

EDIT: Since I wrote the above, the model C-7 hub and its new Z-Wave implementation has added the "Replace" feature for Z-Wave as well. (Oh, and it was Z-Wave certified. Coincidence? :smiley: ) There is still nothing (as of fall 2021) for devices in general.

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Just for reference, one of the things I have done is put all my motion sensors into the 'Zone Motion Controller' app.
Even if they are the only one in there.
This way the 'zone' motion sensor is used in all my apps and if I have to change out a motion sensor, I just have to change it in the Zone Motion Controller app and nothing else.
I'm starting to change out my contact sensors as well since @dman2306 released his 'Contact Sensor Group' app.
Doesn't help with bulbs I'm afraid but just thought I would mention it for reference.


Good idea

You can create a "Hubitat Groups and Scenes" group for a bulb, and use that virtual device in your automations.


So this is still the only way to replace a Z-wave device? I had a GE/JASCO go bad last night and I am going to have to replace it. I thought I had read there was a replace option now but I don't see it.

So I guess I will just replace the device and then step through in use by for the automations, then remove the bad one? I doubt it will exclude as it seems completely dead, this is on one of my C5 hubs.

The C7 has a replace option but not the C5. Having gone through many failed 2017 GE switches under warranty recently, I add the new device and then swap the device network IDs so I can keep the automations in place. Then I remove the old device. If you have a stick and PC Controller you might be able to replace it there.


Thanks for the info, that is what I figured. What is the warranty on the GE switches? I had not even thought of that. I think this switch is one I bought when we moved into our current home, which has been about two years ago. After I pull it I will have to see.

5 years with receipt.

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Receipt isn’t required though if you don’t have it they require you send broken switch in for verification. Free shipping to them too.


This is one of the reasons I love webcore.

I set pistons with device variables, and then only need to alter the initial definition to swap out.

I was just thinking with the cloning feature now. I can just clone each rule and replace the device with that. It should be pretty quick.

I am pretty sure I bought that switch in 2019, so hopefully I can get a replacement.

Jasco support is good so you shouldn’t have any issues.

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This post reminded me that I had a bad Zwave plus outlet. I called into Jasco and was told the Zwave outlets were out of stock until February but they agreed to send me a Zigbee instead. They have replaced several switches over the last couple of years and are very good.

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Pretty painless swap using cloning. Just added new switch and called it AAA vent, so it would appear at top of list. Then cloned each rule from old device page and swapped old device for new. Deleted old rules, renamed new rules removing clone from the name. Then renamed new device. Took only about 30 minutes, including the actual device swap..

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Are these Zone apps (Motion and Contact) still around? I searched package manager and couldn't seem to find them.

The swap for me w/Jasco support was painless as well, really easy.

IRRC the C7 will display a "Replace" button on the Z-Wave Details page for a device that fails/doesn't report when you do a Refresh. I've used it a couple of times - first time it worked and I replaced the device. Second time didn't work at all. So for me at least very hit or miss.

Love the idea of using Zone Motion Controller app even w/single motion sensors to make replacing them easy. Super smart points for you! :slight_smile:

For actual bulbs or switches controlling lights, just so that's clear for folks.

Zone Motion Controller is a built-in Hubitat App.