Replace device app/command

I've just had to replace a faulty Zwave plug-in dimmer with a new unit. The old unit was referenced in 6 RM apps and 3 button controller apps, so I had to go into each one and remove the old one and select the new one. Apart from being tedious, it obviously gives the chance that I will miss one. What would be great is some sort of functionality that would replace every instance of device X with device Y. I'm sure that's much easier to type than to implement but it would be incredibly helpful if it was possible.


Completely agree, I created this post in April on same topic:

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You can do it if plug the usb stick into a computer and run the zwave pc controller software. It allow you to replace failed module. Just need to make sure to unplug the bad dimmer and have the sw check to see if the node has failed. It will come back failed then you can do a replace failed node.