Device Replace

I would love to see a device replace option be added to Hubitat. I used this feature from time to time in ST when one of my GE switches stopped responding to commands or if I physically replaced a device. This feature would keep all the automations in place and just change the device associated to them.

In the past week I have had 2 GE switches and 1 GE Outlet stop logging events in Hubitat. I could still control them digitally but the current state or events weren’t logged. Automations still worked on them too. I ended up excluding them and readding them to fix the problem but I had to update all my automations with the new device. The replace feature would have saved me a lot of time.

Thank you for the consideration!


Before going to excluding, did you try a zwave repair? Settings > Z-Wave Information -> Repair Z-Wave.

Yes tried everything including air gap and breaker. But regardless the replace option would be nice to have.

I second this request. I am in the process of remove/rejoin 7 of my Z-Wave switches/plugs and not really looking forward to do this without the replace option.
These switches/plugs went offline due to a power outage for about an hour and half and my hub was on ups power the whole time and when power was restored. These switches lost connection. Z-Wave repair or re-initialization did not help.

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Interesting, I have two GE switches that would not respond digitally or physically via the 3-way aux switch. Pushing ON on the main switch does not turn the light ON until I push OFF first then push ON. Only then will the light will turn on and off again via the aux or main switch. Or just pulling the airgap will also fix it.

Sounded like you have some wiring issue or master switch issue. Physical operation is separate from Z-Wave operation.

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The switches might be dying. Both were working fine for a long time until recently.

Another GE smart outlet no longer reports events so this evening I need to exclude and reinclude it.

What I did with the others was use ST to exclude the device so that the device remained on HE. I then renamed the old device to include “old” then added the device again. I then went to the old device and selected each app that was associated to it and changed it to the new device. Then once done I removed the old device. This was useful to me because I had a list of all the apps that the device was part of and rules wouldn’t delete themselves when removed.

Funny, I usually did the exact same thing. It's a pain without ST for exclusion for sure. I don't even know if it's possible since there is nothing to indicate it's excluded successful.

I have successfully excluded devices using Hubitat. I used it to exclude the first few devices that I migrated over. But you are right, there is no indication that anything happened. Hopefully that is something they are working on as well.

Ray how long has this been happening? I had another several switches stop reporting status today. Seems like this started recently and after the 707 firmware. I know @mike.maxwell made a bunch of driver changes to the generic drivers so curious is this is all related. I just opened up a support ticket for this issue. These failing devices have been rock solid for months and now all of a sudden having issues.

Since Saturday. My system is so unstable and long delay I am not really sure what's happening so for now I am blaming the power outage. Forgot about the firmware upgrade as well.

Edit : just looked in my Z-Wave info and I see 2 dead Z-Wave plugs I just removed and added back this morning. I think you could be correct about the firmware.

I did the same thing. The device was in 10 rules and I only took 5 minutes.

Wanted to re-up this as a feature request. It would be nice to have a Device Replacement / Migration feature, not just for use cases like this where a Z-wave or Zigbee connection needs finagling, but when you're actually replacing one device with another.

I've been playing around with several ways of controlling my home HVAC system, and there are several times I've swapped out one sensor for another sensor of another brand or even swapping in a virtual sensor that I was applying comfort calculations to.

Doing so is a pain - especially if the device is in use in complicated rules in Rule Machine 4. When you go to edit some of the rules, swapping out the device necessitates redoing the entire contents of an action line in a rule.

It would be great to just have a feature where I could say "Replace all references to device A with references to device B, throughout Rule Machine and everything else in the Hubitat configuration."

@BranMalin See this post of mine on how you can avoid the temp virtual devices:

It would still be great to have a replace feature but these steps have worked in the interim for me.

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@ritchierich Thank you so much! That's awesome, and I've bookmarked it for my future reference.

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Looks like there are quite a few threads with this same "feature request" - curious if it is/will ever get any traction?

Here is my 2¢ worth... what if EVERY device were assigned a GUID? What if everything in the hub used the GUID as its reference? Then if a device had to be "swtiched out" with another device - for whatever reason - you could use some sort of "change GUID" function to make it global. It could even be done with "swaps" as in, the new device needing to replace the former could "trade" GUIDs and not necessarily have to be deleted. This would allow things like moving devices around the house without having to redo tons of automation.