Repeating notifications with notification app

Say the garage door has been opened and left open. How do I have a notification set up to notify me every 15 minutes while the door is left open?

You'd have to use Rule Machine to do that, not Notifier.

Thanks I'll do that.

Silly question, but why have a notification app when rule machine already does all that and more? Likewise, I spent time setting up basic lighting/motion rules only to find rule machine did what I couldn't do in simple lighting so I ended up having to remake all the rules in rule machine anyway.

How will you know what a Tool can do for you without trying the Tool?

You know two things better now than 80% of the people here :smiley:

Simple Lighting stops at the boundary of simple to not-so-simple. I'm pretty sure I don't know where that boundary is.. but now you do. :slight_smile:

SORRY.. that comes off as a Glass Half Full thing and that's not what I intended.

Seems like this is a basic function of notifications, personally I think it would make sense to add this function.


I agree that there should be a timer function because it was alerting me about a battery low every minute. When you have it setup to also speak the notification, it gets really annoying!

@bravenel If I set this up to notifiy me every 24 hours and I leave the Repeat N times blank, will it continue until I change the battery?

I set this Rule up to notifiy me every 24 hours and it is going off every 10 minutes.

Please show the app status page.

I have paused this rule until I can get it correct. Here is the event log

I need to see the app status page to see why it is doing this.

OK which part of the Status page? Settings, Event subscriptions, Application State or all of them?

All of it. Not sure why this is happening, so need to see.

That all looks right. Can you show logs of this happening every 10 minutes? For one, look at the Events for the app itself. It's going to send an event "Repeating Action".

Couldn't this be caused by one of your sensors reporting every 10 minutes? That's going to fire the trigger. You would need a bit more sophistication in the trigger to prevent that.

Notifications app is supposed to have this feature, of limiting how frequently it notifies you of something. However, I just discovered a bug that prevents it from offering that in the UI. So, the next release will have this corrected. This would allow you to only be notified once per day.

HSM Custom Rule has the same feature, and the same bug. Both will be corrected in next release.

This is the event log for the Sensor that is reporting 1% battery. It seems to report it every minute or so.

I have resumed the Rule to see what it does. I will post the event log shortly.

It's going to fire on each battery report. And that has nothing to do with it repeating...

That doesn't seem right. Is there a way to make it just do it one a day?